How A Rotary Engine Sounds Like: Mazda RX-7 FD3S || 520Hp Triple Rotor

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Src - YouTube

How Rotary Engines Work

Src- Youtube

Mazda's racing car model like this one in the video has a what we call a "Rotary Engine" which has an oblong chamber and a distinct piston in shape of an inflated triangle as shown in the second video.

It indeed has a very good motion for taking in the fuel injection, compressing it, combusting, and getting the exhaust out in one motion/revolution.

It uses a very different seal for its piston unlike the "Conventional" rings of the usual engines of most engines. But this type of engine has to be maintained in a short interval of regular basis because the seals are easily worn out as well as the chamber walls because of the kind of frictions that the engine does to the seals and engine walls which is why it has to inject oil to the interior of the engine making it to consume oil more compared to other engines.

So as for its maintenance and oil consumption, it makes it very expensive to operate relatively but for its performance the Mazda rotary engine is one of the fastest engine ever built and has a very distinct sound that you can identify by just hearing it even from a distance.


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