That enemy's partner was hiding somewhere

in BattleGames10 months ago

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Friends, this game is Play Light is this clip of Pubby Light. In this, all four of us search for weapons after landing under our team. And then give the whole game when 14 people are alive. Then our account was not even opened. We did not kill anyone. After that, the circle gradually decreased and all the people in our team were still alive. We came to an open field where there were enemies all around us. We did not understand that the bullets were going on from all around, we should try to understand where the enemy was. That is what we did not understand. A friend was knocked out by the enemies. When I went to save him, he also hit me and a little life was left. I did not even have any help in a small house. We put an ointment there and then after that the scope of Plejoan became smaller. We had to flee from there, one of our friends was killed by enemies. During this time, I saw only one enemy, we shot at him till he was dead. But that enemy's partner was hiding somewhere, he killed me, after that I got out of the game, our team could win this match or not, we don't know.

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