Sometimes a simple box is the best cat toy

in dPet2 months ago

Checking on the cats, I could not find one of them. Then I looked at a discarded box and saw a paw sticking out of it.


I did not hear the cat and only knew it was there by its paw sticking out.


When the sun shines through the window it warms up that box. I think they like it alot because of that.


Once spotted she wanted petting and worked her way out of the box.


I guess shes been in there awhile and now theres a human around it's time to get pets.


I tried throwing out the box, but they really seemed to want it. So I left it and let it be. I'm glad as I still seeing them using it.


She plopped down and wants to get pet. She meows as I pet her and curling her claws needing into the air. Maybe moving from the hot cardboard box to the cool tile floor is worth it.. haha


The absolute best cat toy is the plastic ring off a gallon milk jug..

Haha so true. Those pull tabs are one of the cats favorite toys here.

So cute!
Boxes always end up on my floor for my kitty as well :)

Hah nice, they sure do seem to love them.

Hahaha.... I once had a cat as pet but its died and it was a painful memory. I wish to have it back.. nice pictures

Aww that sucks. Hope you get another opportunity to raise another one.

Yes. I hope so. I'm an animal lover. I will try and get new ones. Thanks my friend.

I have boxes all over the house.. When things get dull I move them around or get new ones from the big box stores...😺

Haha I try to give them to the cats before I get rid of them. Seems all cats like cardboard boxes.

Couldn't agree more, beautiful cat by the way.

Thanks alot, she sure is pretty. I got to brush her almost every day.

hahaha this is cat classic

Hah sure is.. their favorite toy. Next to water jug pull tabs.

Yes sometime cats like to play in ths box,but where is your tealsa and walter is this tealsa?

Hah yeah they sure do, that's one of the other cats in the house. Its name is Nebula.

You would be surprised!
I have a few Cats, and Live them all!
Mine "know" when a suitable box comes along...
They claim it while your opening it!

Haha nice.. usually the boxes are too noisy for the cats so they check it out after it's all settled.

Your lucky!
One of Mine, will grab a box in her mouth and start trying to run with it!

Haha too cute

Thank You!
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Thank You!
Have A Great Week!

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