My Daily Pet Photography: Welcome The Sweet Family__ by @kona and @dpet

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Have a nice day ahead everyone! I want you to meet Sweet and her bunch of cute little puppies. Actually, she's my neighbor's pet and since Sweet had 8, they decided to keep the two and give the rest for adoption! Just like any other dogs, Sweet nourished her puppies after taking her own meal for the day. I enjoyed looking at them and silently thought of which ones to use.


There, they were relaxing after taking their share! The bunch enjoyed playing and cuddling each other.


At last, they got tired playing. Time to travel to Dreamland!

Thanking @kona and @dpet for this initiative.

Till then,




OMG Glo... Howmany pup are there?

She's got eight @mers! That's her 4th delivery. She only had two on her previous ones. They need to feed her more for her babies too.

Hala 8 jud kabuok, Kung duol lang mangayo ko.

Lagi sis, upat jud kabuok akoa. Ang duha tua sa akoa apo pero gipangayo silingan ang usa.