The Result of Monthly Selection of Daily Pet Photography (May 2020)

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We have a total of 42 votes for the May 2020 #DailyPetPhotography monthly election! The 1st winner is @manorvillemike No.875 , @nelinoeva No.850 is in the 2nd place, @kohsamui99 No.872 is the 3rd.

As promised, all voters stand a chance to win a prize. We used the List Randomizer to choose lucky voters, they are @kaminchan , @bashadow , @josferod2 , @qwerrie and @cryptoknight12 .

Congratulations to the winners and voters! Please go to the wallet to check your reward!

We are looking forward to more cute and lovely pet photos from you for the next round of DailyPetPhotography. Grab your camera and shoot some pet photos! Come join us by tagging #dailypetphotography to your post with a pet photo. You may tell us name of your pet and camera type. Please be gently reminded that no plagiarized photos are permitted.

Before we go, please allow us to say one more time: Thank you so much for getting behind dPet! See you till the next DailyPetPhotography monthly election.

dPet welcomes you to sponsor the DailyPetPhotography monthly election in SBD, together we can grow a bigger prize pool. Here are the delegation links:

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Good going top picks...🙀👍😹

Happy pets and happy owners or friends of pets!

Thank you very, very much for your voting, really appreciated and congrats to the other winers!

Beautiful photos :) Congratulations @manorvillemike, @nelinoeva and @kohsamui99 :)

Thanks 😊

Thank you!

Thank you for support

Thank you all who voted for me and congratulation to all the other winners and thank you @dpet 😊

hi, I can't send the DPET token to you at SE, can you check about your account? @kohsamui99

I am new to @hive so am not sure myself but i will ask on discord and get back to you. Thanks @kona 😊