dPet Delegation Reward in May 2020

in dPet11 months ago

Delegate your Steem Power to help us speed up the dPet development on Steemit. In return, you will get rewards paid in dPet tokens every month based on the following formula : SP delegated x 30 x 0.001. For example, if you delegate 100 SP, your monthly rewards will be 100 x 30 x 0.001 = 3 dPet tokens.

DelegatorAmountVesting SharesDelegation Time
@ladynazgool100.084 SP0.195 MVests2020-05-21, 15:41
@iamraincrystal20.028 SP0.039 MVests2020-05-12, 23:44
@wilhb81350.704 SP0.684 MVests2020-05-02, 15:17
@olivia08100.139 SP0.196 MVests2020-04-06, 19:51
@fiberfrau25.076 SP0.049 MVests2020-03-04, 07:41
@kimmysomelove4220.063 SP0.039 MVests2020-03-01, 23:13
@manorvillemike100.448 SP0.196 MVests2020-02-08, 21:47
@eii100.479 SP0.196 MVests2020-02-03, 14:31
@nelinoeva100.573 SP0.197 MVests2020-01-19, 01:23

Here are the delegation links using Steemconnect:

20SP| 50SP| 100SP | 200SP | 500SP

We welcome you to sponsor, upvote, resteem and follow this event! If you love pets, come and join us on our discord channel to see how we can do more on Steemit for our furry friends! We'd also love to hear about any ideas or proposal you have about pets! Thanks for reading this post! Please join in to support us!

WITHOUT your delegation, our dream cannot come true!