DailyPetPhotography monthly election (May/2020)

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At dPet, we really appreciate that not only Steemians who own pets have joined this DailyPetPhotography event, but many others have also searched around their city for pets to take some nice photos. We are looking for more pet photography on Steemit and hope we can form a large closely-bonded community of pet lovers. To grow the dPet community, you and us can exchange information about pets or discuss any suggestions as to any pet-related projects. We at dPet look forward to hearing from you!

A big shout-out to all the Steemians who took part in this event last month! For your long-lasting enjoyment, dPet commits long-term resources to the DailyPetPhotography monthly election. Meanwhile, we are really thankful that if you could sponsor the election for any amount of SBD/Steem to sustain DailyPetPhotography. Moreover you can buy the dpet token now at steem-engine.com

We have collected around 3 hundred pet photos in May for DailyPetPhotography. Please help us select the top 3 from them.

Everybody who has voted will have a chance of winning 1 dpet token. We will randomly choose five winners from all the voters.

Using the date as the number, the three photos with the most votes in the comment section will win 10 dpet token ( 1st = 5 dpet token, 2nd = 3 dpet token, 3rd = 2 dpet token) in this month!

The votes will be counted when this post has received a payout.

To encourage long-term participation in DailyPetPhotography, we expect that all monthly winners will receive a certain amount of dPet Smart Media Token (SMT) in 2020. Captivating!

Let the election and voting begin! Best of luck to all participants! The following photos are link to the original post, please click them!








































Thank you for all participants, if you have pet, pick up your camera to take a nice shoot now!

Welcome to sponsor, upvote, resteem and follow this event! If you love pets, come to think about how can we do more things of them at steemit!

The event details at Here!

WITHOUT your delegation, our dream cannot come true!


@qwerrie 851

@apnigrich 857

@kaminchan 874


OMG My mind is blown!!!! I had no idea such a thing like dpet existed!

You should post more often I guess!

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859 - @d00k13
850 - @nelinoeva
868 - @qwerrie
Good luck to everyone :)

OMG My mind is blown!!!! I had no idea such a thing like dpet existed!

You should post more often I guess!

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  1. 850
  2. 857
  3. 870

My top three picks, they are the ones that stood out for me.

#851 #875 #878

My vote goes to

Thanks 4 the vote young lady... 😊👍🙀

You are very welcome

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Thanks for the vote @apnigrich 🙀😊👍


My votes go to....


872 @kohsamui99
857 @apnigrich
875 @manorvillemike
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