c DailyPetPhotography submissions Day 890

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Today's first pick is as follow:
【Top 1】

@ace108 - Nearby, I saw there was still food for it. What's with the sad cats nowadays? Anything to do with COVID-19 ..read more

【The other Five pick up】

@geyzee - Contrary to what people think about cat and their wild nature at times, cats can as well be super loveable.
Here's me staring at the innocent look on my cats face, but it didn't stare back at me. I guess it was indeed lost in thoughts ..read more

@justasking - My wife and I found this little kitten yesterday evening on the way home. We heard her meow and found her under an old car near our building ..read more

@sgbonus - Today was supposed to be the 17th Birthday of our Dog named Custo but he left us last February ..read more

@grapthar - Tiger napping in his old spot ..read more

@jurich60 - After my mid-noon nap, I right away opened the door this afternoon to check if it is still raining ..read more

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Thanks for having my work posted here. It's a big privilege ❤️. I'd get to post more pet photos as time approaches

Most welcome~

Thanks for having my sad cat.


Congratulations everyone :) Upvote from me on all photos from the list.

Congrat. to all~