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The Question

I'm glad I came across this biweekly question from the @abundance.tribe for once, because I often miss it or am too late participating. This is a question that made me think about an answer right after I read it yesterday. So let's see what the question of the week is exactly as I shortened the title of the post a bit.

"If There was one message that you could get across to a large group of people. What would your message be and Who would those people be ?"

An interesting question, especially in these crazy times. My first thought was mainly that I would probably want to share many things and not sure how to pick the most important one, and how to pick the group of people it would reach. So I've given it some thoughts and as there are no wrong answers here, I'm going to share what my thoughts so far have been.


I'm considering several options

I think it's best to start with the message I'd want to spread. In this world where people are collectively waking up, opening their eyes, questioning things that have been considered normal for their whole lives, I think it should be something to give either those group a bump in the right directions to trust their gut feeling and keep searching for answers to be more aware of what the true agenda in the world is. Not to scare them, but to assure them a gut feeling is there for a reason. We have been collectively ignoring it for a long time (not everyone but a lot of us.

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But do I aim for a message that reveals something that has a lot of proof documented while the world still mostly believes this is a conspiracy theory? Or do I aim for a message that truly focuses on letting people have more faith in their own ability and gut feeling?

I think when I look deep inside myself and my personal journey, the latter has been very important for me to grow as a person. Finding back the faith and strength within myself and the ability to follow my own gut feeling even if I can't explain or make any sense of it. If something feels very good or bad, I now know this is for a reason and I should have faith in my ability to judge people/situations/information. The reason will eventually come to me (sometimes it takes a while) and then I will remember about my gut feeling.

The actual message I'd want to spread

(It's going to be a bit of a long one because I suck at summarizing things lol)

I would try to spread a message where I explain that in these crazy times which most of us have never experienced before, we should not be driven by fear because of the unknown or what mainstream media (or even the internet) is trying to tell us. We should look beyond what's being told, and do our own research to form an opinion. I can speak from my own experience when I say that I've hadn't done so for at least a decade in my life before I started to wake up. When I started to not take things for the truth (even if being told as truth forever) but do my own research to form my personal opinion.

Thanks to my experiences from a few years before the pandemic appeared, I was able to not be lead by fear of the unknown or what media told me was happening. Soon, I started looking beyond those messages and used my common sense again. Granted, there were a few weeks that I was seeking for answers and was lead by fear, but I soon shifted to using my gut feeling and common sense. Because of this, I was able to achieve more than I had in several years and not let the pandemic take over my world.

I see people waking up collectively since this pandemic and I can only say this has been a curse and a blessing in one (the curse obviously being the pandemic itself) because a part of the people that were pointing fingers to "conspiracy thinkers" are now seeing things are "off" and can't point their fingers to what's happening and doing their research before forming an opinion. I can only salute those people and I wish more people would start using their own brains rather than taking someone's else's opinion for the truth. I don't ask you to take mine for truth, but form your own opinion.

On top of that, I wish that people in general will be kinder to each other and especially while so many people are in need (I'm mostly talking about the hidden victims media doesn't talk about during this pandemic) we could use a bit more human affection. A kind gesture or helping hand goes a long way. Heck, even a smile or a hello could do the trick to make someone that's lonely feel seen, rather than invisible.

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We can make the world a better place together and even take note of the positive things happening around us while in a global pandemic. Because believe me, there are positive things happening! Try to shift your focus to those rather than being drained by the negative. It will lift your spirits and get you through this easier. This too shall pass! <3

To whom I would want to spread this message?

I honestly think it's so hard to point this only to a small group of people, so I'd love to spread this message towards as many people as possible in general, but yeah, it would be great to filter out the negative Nancy's who probably dismiss things without even reading or hearing it. :)

That also gives me an idea, wouldn't it be nice to collect all these positive messages that hivers have written for this bi-weekly question? I mean not only collect them in a tie up post, but also write them with a nice background and then showing them in a video with a calming sound behind the video, so that people can read these messages while listening to these sounds? I often tune in to listen to meditative music or binaural sounds when I need some guidance or change in my well-being. I would not mind reading some positive messages in between the listening.

Just some thoughts, let me know if you read this and want to share some thoughts on this idea to make it happen. It's just that some people aren't readers, while the @abundance.tribe, @naturalmedicine & @ecotrain community are the people that can lift you up when you need some positive thoughts(I love you all!).. Maybe this way we can spread our thoughts to those that prefer videos over writings.

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Oh I agree entirely . @revisesociology also had trust yourself, and that's a great one. And being discerning and critical about the information we digest couldn't be more important. Great response.

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wow, I forgot to reply to you, sorry about that hun, not my intention!
yes you know, being critical sounds a bit negative but it's more that I really would motivate people to form their own opinion and not take all for granted. We've been brainwashed since we were children with info that wasn't always correct. One moment X was right, next the other .. Have a good Sunday!

Interesting question that really makes us think about what to answer and to whom to address the answer. How well you point out there are several options to answer, greetings, I did not know about this initiative.

You could enter as well :)

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Yes I agree.

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