The first "call to action" film is complete: feedback please

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It is unlisted on YouTube at the moment because I want to get feedback from this community only. The film started out as a 'day in the life' but evolved (in the last few mins) into something else. I felt like there was an opportunity to contrast the speed & simplicity with which one can create food self-sufficiency in this region with the problems associated with the age of technocracy and "The Great Reset" which has so suddenly been forced upon us.

The film has been uploaded at 4K, so please take advantage of that if you have the internet speed for it.

The Great Reset

For many The Great Reset is no big surprise. Call us conspiracy theorists or preppers or whatever. It matters not. The point is that we have been expecting it for years and now it is here, no matter how much it might appear to be the result of an organic flow of events.

I have been feeling the call since 2012 (back when I lived in London) and as a consequence I now live a new way of life in the Pyrenees Mountains (which is actually an old way of life!) and I am seeking like-minded people to join me.

So the question I have for you is this:

Upon watching the film, do you feel motivated to sell your city house and join us in the Pyrenees?

Or at the very least, join another group of people with similar goals somewhere else?

Screen Shot 20200629 at 07.51.13.png

There will be many groups around the world coming together at this time because we can feel it in our core, this is our best chance at living freely and providing a sustainable future for our children.

Screen Shot 20200629 at 07.52.04.png

Screen Shot 20200629 at 07.52.39.png

Looking forward to your honest feedback and any ideas which may help me expand those last few mins of the film into something even more likely to spur people to action.

Perhaps an expansion on the specific functionality of earthships?

Or a focus on the societal solutions presented in the amazing book "The Market for Liberty" explained in this post?

There are so many amazing possibilities...

Screen Shot 20200628 at 14.44.56.png

Special thanks to @eco-alex & @stortebeker for the inspiration!


@paradigmprospect don't miss out on this!

Sam, I'll try to watch it tonight and get back to you asap. Don't forget to share this with the Natural Medicine Community. Are you still on Discord?

Big hug,


Major congrats to your move forward Sam, it really is in the air right now. Your place looks beautiful and the veggies are just incredible.
My girlfriend and I have been looking for opportunities to help create Earthships though there aren't many project going on these days that are listed. We dig the mediterranean but are past Italy on the Balkan right now. Asking the universe daily where it is we should let ourselves be taken to...

As for the video, we really enjoyed the longer version with all the showcasing of the veggies. Anyone interested in this way of life will surely be drawn by actual plants and results in gardening this way.

Another thought I had was that keeping the video somewhat exclusive (via Hive for example) might limit outreach but get you a real high quality of views, rather than quantity. I have heard so many stories of people starting a community that was open to the public via forums and youtube, only to find that it sadly attracted the wrong types of people. Don't want to hamper your efforts in any way at all and I wish you and your family only the best people in your life. It's just a point that I keep thinking on when wanting to start my own place with my tribe somewhere (we have yet to find it and are learning and looking as we go).

"My tribe" meaning people I know I can not only work with but live with, celebrate life with and count on. People I HAVE lived with for weeks and know I jive well with from sheer experience.

I also feel we have more time than we think (not to say we shouldn't get our asses in gear of course) <3 But then seeing how slowly people catch on to what has been plainly visible on the horizon since at LEAST 2012 I feel things will erode more and more over time but not collapse this july. I could of course be wrong - have been "awaiting" the reset for years as well.

The circular city was a dead-giveaway, you were once part of TZM as well huh? Cause that's where I started in 2011 or so - high five.

We were mightily inspired by what you guys have built already. If the universe is so willing we would love to come help you guys out with building an Earthship (specifically LOVED the Fibonacci spiral design, what an awesome twist on Reynolds' designs).

Since we live in the most cosmic times on Earth I cannot promise anything yet and we literally sold everything and quit our jobs to go on travels towards the balkans and to where the universe will ultimately take us next. I really hope it will be Southern France^^. Think I should send you an email just so you have a lovely couple on standby for whenever you need some major hands for your Earthship built. It's quite the journey around the mediterranean but if worldly events line up and universe says we should go come help you guys out we'd recognize that suggestion and make our way to ya somehow.

As I said: We wish you all the best with this project and hope some people will find you who aren't only of the right vibe and character, but who can also give you a straight YES WE WILL JOIN IN 7 DAYS answer. Looks like we cannot do so yet. I'll keep you updated if universe makes a turn over here.

All the best to you and your lovely tribe dude.


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That's a cool idea. Rewards for engagement. I love it :)


You are SUCH a great community supporter @vincentnijman - was just about to tag you when I saw you already found this awesome post!!

Thank you, Marieke. I just try to do the best I can, whenever I can summon the energy ✨

Hey Vincent. I just posted it in the NM community on Discord. Think i did it in the right place?

I've uploaded the 20min version now, if you feel like a whole bunch more vegetable porn!

Big hugz back brother :)

Hi Sam,

I think it did reach the right people, as you've got quite a lot of comments.

Got to watch the video yesterday night, projected on my living room wall by my beamer. It looked awesome!

The drone shots are amazing and the to the garden and through-the-garden family shots and scenes are beautiful too.

I enjoyed the last part the least but I get the message and agree that it's important to spread awareness.

Great job overall! I would love to visit your place one day in the ( not too distant ) future, it feels so abundant and the repeated smile on your face tells me more than enough.

Keep up the good work my friend :<)

P.S. Vegetable porn is, from now on, my favorite porn.

haha! My favourite porn too ;)

Thank you my friend for taking the time to watch. And projected too! Awesomeness. Would like to see that myself!

Yesterday I look a needed break from this computer and climbed a mountain instead, where I meditated for a while and connected with some giant butterflies :)

And today the film looks different... so I'm changing things. Making the overall message & vision clearer.

You're welcome, Sam.

That sounds like a beautiful, mindful break. I love butterflies too. Two days ago ( or was it yesterday, it's hard to keep track of time these days ), I went on a walk to the forest and saw so many different types of butterflies in the flowers along the road. It made me realize - for the umpteenth time - that enjoying the journey is what counts.

I'm looking forward to future vids from your side and you know what what, I might start doing some filming too ( see my latest post for more info ), just don't expect drone quality. It will probably be pretty raw, so called 'vinprov' ;<)

See ya!

If you feel it Vincent, you know what to do ;)

Please don't hesitate to ask if you ever need technical support. I could also potentially give you my epidemic sound password, which would give you access to a ton of amazing music. If you feel like adding music of course...

I think I am guilty of over-musicing my films sometimes. Still dreaming of Hollywood. haha ;)

I think I need to talk my wife into moving to the south of France. 😏

Please do! I could think of worse places to end up ;)

@samstonehill, i really like the soft music in the background with the strings. It gives your voice a lot of power and gives the video some emotional dynamics and makes it so sympathetic. The edits with pictures during your dialog along with the content is very neatly edited. Its a very strong message. The foraging, agroforestry, water source and spending this wonderful time with your family is so inspiring mate! Really enjoyed this video a lot. The drone footage gives it a adventurous edge.

He's a GREAT video editor, right? ! I really liked the music and the drone for perspective too.


I dunno about GREAT. But I have picked up a few tricks over the years ;)

At film school I did have a few lectures from Martin Scorsese's editor, Thelma Schoonmaker.

Now she was a GREAT editor! If you've ever seen Raging Bull you will understand.

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Hey there! Thanks very much for the feedback. Am back to the editing again today, clarifying the message more at the start, so people know what they are watching. It was weird really because it started out as just filming my family in the garden and somehow turned into something else. Universal prodding one might say! I suspect the film will keep on evolving for another few weeks yet...

All the best to you my friend. Now you know where we are if you ever decide to join us ;)

Love your enthusiasm for your garden and it is wonderful to see such abundance - many happy vibes there which is picked up easily in the film!

I guess because I live in the forest and have made food production one of the main things around the place I don't feel a draw to move to the Pyrenees Mountains but i'm sure it would be different to someone watching who is living in the concrete cities. It would get them dreaming of an abundant life in the country.
We just moved my niece and her three kids onto our land so we will have the three generations living here. I totally believe in investing in people and that the children are our future.
I most certainly agree with you that now is the time to get out of the cities and start building a more sustainable life with biotecture earthships and growing your own food.

If the purpose of the film is to encourage folks to get out of the cities and to the country growing their own food that may be mentioned more in the beginning part. For me watching the video it was just looking at a lovely productive garden and nothing came to mind about the need to create a more self sustaining lifestyle until the very end. People may get tired at looking at vegetables so if you plant the seeds of your idea for a more sustainable lifestyle earlier on it would get people thinking more on that as they look at your garden.

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Your advice is perfect! Thank you. And funnily enough I have already started working on creating an introduction which better sets the scene before the family stuff. Ultimately I think there will be two films. One with lots of Sammy & family... the other more like a documentary, but with a few garden clips from the original.

Three generations on your land hey. That sounds like a dream for me :)

@porters here - Glad my comments we relevant to you! I like what you are doing and using your talent for a documentary is perfect for these times - looking forward to it!

Yes 3 generations on the land. It came about rather quickly which is typical for how quickly the changes are happening here but since we moved in that direction I'm seeing there is tremendous strength in having these combined family units, kind of what it was like in the olden day with multi-generational families. I'm sure you will find the same when you build your community, folks working together brings a certain strength.

I'm going to comment as I watch here, because I feel like I need to! A few minutes in, and I'm loving the barefeet and the community spirit, with your neighbour letting you use their land, and helping each other out.

I love the respect for and connection with nature/plants that you all seem to have there, how lovely was it that your neighbour cut the grass, but left the baby fig!

Your children are delightful, and I feel so much joy seeing that they're growing up in this environment! I really appreciate this "day in the life of" vid, very very uplifting, inspiring and educational.

It is one of our dreams, as a family, to be self sufficient, and give our children this kind of lifestyle, since before this "big reset", and we now just desire it even more. We have been implementing as many of these ideals as we can, but definitely can't wait to have our own land, build our own home using natural materials, grow more of our own food, and to live in a more "community setting", etc.

Having finished the video, I definitely appreciate and resonate with your message. Although I had to read your post to better understand what you are reaching out for. It was clear that you are promoting this way of living, but not as clear that you were seeing if (the person watching and resonating) would want to live in the Pyrenees (as you asked on this post), unless I missed something in the video! It might help to clarify that in the clip where you put your email?

"Thanks also to World Economic Forum for their fear porn footage, used explicitly without their permission."- That made me laugh!

And to answer the question, I've visited Pau, where a friend was living, and loved it. I've seen but never visited the Pyrenees, but loved what I saw in the vid. If/when financially equipped, I'd be quite interested in trying this lifestyle there, even if just for a few months - a few years. My kids are a bit older, 5 and 8.5, and both home educated/unschooled, and they would love this lifestyle as well (they'd want more animals though!). Location wise, I always expected we would stay in the UK, as close to London as possible, because of family, even though,a part of me has always wanted to just up and leave and start fresh somewhere. Happy to chat more privately about this :)

Lastly, (I almost don't want to mention this, but) the only constructive criticism I have for the video is the font choice. The content and editing work is decent, but I felt the font is a bit "old". Although it's really not a major issue, and for those who watch this vid and resonate with it, I should hope the font wouldn't stop them from reaching out!

Hope I've given some insight that is of value to you, we are living in such vortex-y and exciting times, it's so great to see so many others helping create a better world, for each other and for the children!! Talk more soon :)

LOVE YOU! How have we not met before? Or perhaps we have? I'm a bit rubbish at remembering avatars & names sometimes. Please don't take it personally.

Firstly THANK YOU & awesome you are actively implementing these ideals in your life already. Even if it's just baby steps, it is the direction we aim for which counts. What was it my dad used to say? "Aim high, hit high".

I've had amazing feedback from so many people about this film. Very grateful for this community! And yes, I feel what are you saying about further clarity being required. The edit is evolving again, establishing the basics at the beginning. In the end I would like to make a documentary and this is like the little teaser to get me in the mood ;)

The ambiguity around a direct call to join us here comes from a sense of concern. Perhaps wrongly? But if I tell people directly, I am wondering if it might attract the full spectrum of characters. Whereas perhaps, if I leave this aspect of the message subtle I will only attract those who can read between the lines and therefore more likely to vibrate in harmony with the whole. Am still in two minds about this theory however. Come on Universe... am waiting for direction on this one!

Sabrina has family in Pau who we visited a few years back and yes, it is very beautiful and quite similar to this region. Though they had more sunflowers I recall :)

Great advice on my font selection. You have a keen eye! When working on pro projects I will always take the time to search for unique fonts so what we are ultimately looking at here is my laziness ;) Thank you for going with your instinct and telling me!

Let us keep in touch. It sounds to me like there is a chance, now that you are aware of what I am up to here, that the Universe will open up that door for you.

I am imagining our children playing together... and it feels good :)

Love & Light

Hahah no I dont take it personally at all, I can be a bit of a lurker online, I just much prefer face to face interactions! Also, you were hardly in London, back when I was one of the main people organizing the London Steem meetups in 2018/2019, else we definitely would have met at least once..

If it helps, I've been following you for a bit, but I think this is only the 2nd time I've left you a "meaningful" comment! The first one was when I commented to tell you the real full quote of "Jack of all trades, master of none.....", you might remember that!!

I see what you mean about keeping it vague, and personally I do agree the ambiguity will likely weed out the incompatible characters, the serious ones will reach out in their own accord!

I am imagining our children playing together... and it feels good :)

I love this, and yes it does!!

I sincerely hope our paths cross, for now, keep growing (crops too!) and keep creating, sending lots of Love to you and your beautiful family!

Ah yes! Now I remember. The jack of all trades expansion. Thanks for that!

If I had been living in London during that time of your steem meetups, I would have been there for sure ;)

Wonderful Film, Sam! :)
I heard about and saw a film about Earthships years ago, and liked the idea and concept behind it.
I also checked
Is there a map of the existing communities, i want to move to "Mother Earth", too.
Are you living in an Earthship or is it a "normal" house?
How hard are the winters especially the food supply (vegan) in the Pyrenees Mountains?
Be blessed and thanks for the inspiration? ;)

Hey Luca

Earthships really are the way forward. Seems so odd to me more people don't live in them!

As for the map you would have to ask @eco-alex. The map I created for the film showed only the communities I know of, in Bali, Mexico & a few around Europe.

We are currently living in a 17th century converted animal shed, under our village mayor! So, no earthship yet... but it is coming ;)

We are collecting a ton of fruit at this time of year which is being preserved in various ways for the winter. Lots of veg too is going in the dehydrator. Makes great chips!

If you are interested in the full 20min tour of the garden I have just uploaded it now:

Hi Sam, i will watch your garden tour a little later with more time ;)
Thanks for your Infos.
Stay blessed

No pressure my friend. There will be plenty more films...

In fact, I'm uploading another right now which I'm sure you're gonna love ;)


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Ah, i saw this one already...beautiful garden! :)

STUNNING FILM, Sam!! Holey moley I'm inspired all over again - best Thai coffee break ever!! And yes, doing just this in Asia. Funnily enough your drone footage at the beginning made me immediately think of the valleys along the Burmese border here in Mae Hong Son.

@yangyanje - are you following @samstonehill yet? You should!!


I think me and sam would have a lot of fun.

I KNOW you would!! Saddle up the bicycle for a "little ride" down to France?? :) That could happen and start some lovely synergies. @samstonehill has also spent time here in Thailand and Bali and my 6th sense JUST KNOWS he will contribute one more important connection for Serenity.


I was literally thinking to do that!

Perfect. CC. Cosmic Confirmation. Safe travels.... I see some glorious travel posts in your future and a hundred sticker opportunities. :)

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Please please please also put this up on - when they label and censor you as a conspiracy theorist (they get real tetchy about people who mention food shortages!) @threespeak will have your back. The kind of people who "get this" should all be signing up to #hive anyway.

If you look for solutions, you will find solutions. 😍

For sure I will upload to 3speak. It was on my list ;)

Haven't had any feedback which makes me feel like I want to change anything, so I guess it's good to go.

Am in two minds about which version to upload?

The 20min version?

Or the 10min at the top of this post?

Or even make a 3min version?

What do you think?

Go with the 10 min version for general public FIRST - it's already longer than most people recommend, but JUST short enough that I made time for it over a coffee. Any longer and people "put it aside for later" and don't get back to it.


Am on it today. The edit is changing a little. Getting better...

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Sam, great work here. Others have already provided excellent feedback so I would just say keep going, you are an inspiration and your efforts will benefit many of your fellow beings!

Finally I got around to watching this video. Very, very awesome! At first I fell in love with your location, the town in the Pyrenees, the wonderful way of channeling the water, and tapping into it with such a super simple irrigation setup. I was a bit surprised to see that the south facing slope was not as rich and fertile as the northern one... until I figured out that it would be, if it weren't for the fact that it's taken up by industrial agriculture. And the final part of the video I was pleasantly surprised and honored to see myself in it. Thank you! I knew it would be worthwhile sharing it, and now I feel this more than ever.

Beautiful video. Thanks for sharing your walk with us.