Some good feeling pics to brighten up your day ๐ŸŒฑ

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Content mother with sleeping kitten.

Freshly born kitten

Sam's home-made bread with today's harvest and flower bouquet.

Entrance to our current home with strawberries ripening on the wall and nursery plants ready for the garden.

IMG_4983 (1).jpg
Close-up on my flower arranging skills ;)

Play area in the shade at the back of the garden.

Future food forest: avocados, lemons, pears, hazelnuts, almonds, plums & more.

Cherries almost ready, within reach of jumping children on the trampoline.

Garden gate with irises & elderflower in bloom.

How to make elderflower cordial coming soon...

Love & Light everyone ๐ŸŒฑ

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Thanks, Sam!
Jumping off a trampoline to reach cherries sounds like something you'd do in a video game. Power up!! 50 points!!
Nice irises. Must be May/June!
Somebody pead on the table :(
You have a way of bringing in payouts on feelgood photos, my friend! I'm happy for you. When I try feelgood posts, even with more images than this, I get called a spammer and shitposter! The blockchain should be a place we can post any content we like (without harming others directly of course). If people don't like what you post, they could at least jog on by. Some people feel the need to tell you that you're wasting resources and people's time. They'll even downvote you, claiming your post is overvalued. I've had posts sent to zero simply for not having enough photos or text to appease some whales out there. Meanwhile, if you're from Venezuela, a quick blurry snapshot of a weed growing at the side of the road and the caption "everybody here hungry, government do not pay enough to buy the basic basket of meat and cheese"... instant $40+ and trending, even if it's your first post. Especially back on Steem. I even changed my location to Venezuela there, in the hopes of finding support for my content. I can't afford the "basic basket" here in Canada, and I have no savings in the world except my crypto, which is down 96% since I bought in, despite 4 years of nonstop posting! I've definitely screwed up somewhere. I don't believe in curses, so it must be me.
I put a few hours into my post yesterday, and it has racked up 70 cents! But I admit, the images are boring, and the title isn't uplifting. Still, it sucks to have important content go unseen. Also, I'm never going to reach my dream of writing/photography to feed my wife and son, cents at a time.
In any case, I've added my upvote, and thank you again for the gorgeous pics. I hope all your posts pay out nicely until the end of time, you definitely deserve it.

I am lucky to have some faithful supporters who have a little delegation behind them these days. I hear your though about the Venezuela example you mentioned. Tricky to compete with the drama of a country in hyperinflation. Not long now...

In the end I think it is about picking up those long term supporters who are amazing at keeping up with what we do and sharing the love.

How can I find your post from yesterday?

What a beautiful kitten! My cat has one four weeks old. Kittens are just the best! Your garden looks fabulous - oh those cherries. Just a tad jel ;)

Kittens really are the best hey! Ours is just opening his eyes for the first time this morning... SO EXCITING :)

so your rockstar cat has offspring? :)

Yes! And he is so very cute, still with his little eyes shut.

Fifi is a great mum and it has been amazing to see how instantly she has changed her habits to fit the life of a mother :)

We might have iris's blooming in another month. Things are slow to spring forth in Alaska, but we have almost ahd a week of not dropping below freezing. so things are looking up.

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You Alaska people are a tough sort of folk! Honestly, I don't know how you do it. Spring must feel AMAZING when it arrives :)

Loved this little snapshot of your place right now.

Appreciate you saying so. There was intense colour everywhere this morning after days of grey, easy to photograph :)

Manually curated by ackhoo from the @qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Thank you!

Starting with content mum and sleeping kitty was a good start... set the right mood for the rest... :)

Can't go wrong with cute cat pictures right?

These are amazing pictures....@samstonehill

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Appreciated. I took them on a rubbish old ipad. The day just had colour in the air :)

Lovely sights. Nature so beautiful

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It sure is. We are lucky to be where we are.