Trying Out Our DIY Composter

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We had some extra wood pallets that my wife and stepson built a composter out of. A base and three sides to start with, a fourth side planned as a later add-on. But after having turned the compost, I’m open to the idea of leaving it at three.


Fruit and veggie scraps, dead-headed flowers, and all kinds of yard “waste”, even an eggshell. You should never add meats, bones, or any kind of fat to a compost pile but eggshells are fine as long as they’ve been thoroughly washed, otherwise they’ll attract raccoons, skunks, or other critters. Yeah, we should be crushing them to help them to break down easier and add calcium to the mix. Note to self.

After using the spading fork:


We left it covered last night because there was no rain in the forecast. As it happened, we had hours of thunderstorms and heavy rainfall. Must be nice to be a meteorologist, you can be wrong on a regular basis and still draw a paycheck. So I gave it some of the water that compost loves:


Covered with a dark tarp and a piece of wood that somewhat dissuades our dog from messing around in there on a sniffing expedition. It can bake in tomorrow’s 86°F/30°C weather, assuming the meteorologists get it right this time.


We also have a store-bought composter:


After working out in the hot sun, I’m ready for a Peach Stand Rambler blonde ale from Odell Brewing out on the back deck by our raised beds:




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