The Highest Forms Of Self Love | The Aspects We Forget About (A Pixie's Perspective)

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Today, I was inspired by a recent post by @abundance.tribe with the biweekly question that was asked: What Do You Believe Is The Highest Form Of Self Love And Why Do You Believe So??

This is an important topic as we always see this thrown around as another "buzz concept". We envision spa days, buying ourselves treats, & getting extra sleep. While all of these things are good & have their place, that isn't all of it...they sometimes come too easy...

Here, I talk about the aspects of self love that are often overlooked or even taken for granted. Sometimes, it's doing the more difficult things for ourselves that is the TRUE self-love....

But don't take my word for it. Check out the video & let me know what your perspective is...there's no wrong answer since we are all unique so feel free to start a conversation in the comments...

As always, thank you for your time & interest in my content! :)


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Lots of great advice here, it's so important to know yourself and to be focused. Thanks so much for your wonderful response @pixiepost xxxx

Thank you so much! I appreciate all the support...yes, it is interesting as we dive deeper into our own selves, we can discover what our own version of self love & growth really's definitely not a cookie cutter design. :)

Again, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this initiative. It was a fantastic topic! Sending blessings & pixie dust your way. :) 💚


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Thank you so much Bradley!! I appreciate you & hope you are doing well! :) 💚


Command accepted!

Nice to see your posts again in my feed :) Welcome back!

You are right about so many things, but the thing with taking a break is something that is almost impossible to me... Maybe I should try spa treatment? :) Like 3 weeks treatment without a computer, mobile phone, and somewhere in the wild...

Thanks for a reminder of taking care of ourselves... Will try to listen to you...

Ha ha I understand completely. It's not always easy to take a "break" & I really didn't expect to take as long as I did. But sometimes you have to do what's best for you, regardless of the demands of life or what others expect from you...besides, we are only here once ;)

I think self care is basically a daily thing - paying attention to what your body & mind needs...being more connected to your Inner Self & really listening's not always easy but so worth it!

It's good to be back - the break helped & I feel newly energized :) I am honored to be in your feed. Great to see you, too! :) 💜


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