What Does Self Empowerment Mean To You And What Steps Are You Taking, To Empower Yourself?

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In a world where uncertainty is the phenomenon it's not always a good thing to put our future to chance, dependent on unforseen circumstances. If we look at the impact of Covid-19 we'd realise everyone is always preparing for the best but no one is preparing for the worst or any worse scenario, people are hardly prepared for any circumstances, they leave the future and the present to chance and hence can never really tackle things the turn out of events when it eventually takes place.

Self empowerment is the ability, process and decisions to help oneself to attain a level of dependence, personal growth psychologically and physically, attaining heights in terms of wellness and getting to a position of fulfilment with every obtained aims and goals.

On the other hand, we can self empowerment means equipping ourselves to achieving our set goals: everyone has a goal in life but then the ability to go about achieving goals takes determination and doggedness.
Now this isn't what you achieve ordinary. Determination takes the training of one's mind to see possibilities in tight corners
Sometimes our physical state of existence is often a barrier to how far we can go in life. We're so full of health and strength, yet we're fragile and have bodily limitations.

Finding an equilibrium between how far we can go and how far we can't is always the key. When we equip ourselves with the optimal understanding of our core self it makes it easier for us to find a solution where there seems to be no solution.

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Our physical health can be a constant reminder of how limited out lives can be. When we're rocked by an illness or injury that threatens us with the possibility of death it affects our psychology.
We begin to see mental limitations as a result of the fear that when we push ourselves too much, we might just easily break and crumble. Self empowerment is finding that little courage to discover our strength in the midst of visible weaknesses.

Sometimes in our lives we're rocked by indecisions or indecisiveness, the inability to chose or establish plausibility because we're scared of repercussions. Sometimes in our lives we often find stagnation in our lives because it takes a lot to make the decision to move forward. Self empowerment is seeing risks and danger ahead and still making the decision to surge ahead.

Steps To Achieving Self Empowerment

We must understand firstly that there's nothing we achieve in life that wouldn't or doesn't go through a stage where we envisage it's possibility and doability. One of the first steps to achieving Self empowerment is to always envisage doability because this is like the zygote stage to each an every accomplishment of a person in life.
We must always see our mind as the bedrock of possibilities no matter the limitations.

We must always reckon with the fact that life comes with the unthinkable and preparing ourselves for the unthinkable is empowering ourselves to having "a shock absorber" some people were rocked by failure and they never recovered, some people have been rocked by disappointments and they never recovered.

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We must understand that being prepared for any worse case scenario in life is training ourselves to see disappointments as a dent in our journey and not a sign to stop or retreat. When we imbibe or cultivate the right mindset it makes it easier for us to have the right values that's necessary for us to survive. Having the right survival goals is also self empowering ourselves.

In reality survival is an instinct but we must make survival a base core of our personal conceptualisation and when we see the need to survival and survive rightly, the fear of failure or the fear of going down doesn't rock our boat anymore. Irrespective of the goals we set and achieve them to the core, we need to find an extraordinary strength beyond our capacity and condition to always envisage and do the unthinkable.

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When we equip ourselves with the optimal understanding of our core self it makes it easier for us to find a solution where there seems to be no solution.

Man, that's not easy though !!

You're right, howbeit, self empowerment in itself isn't even easy it takes a whole lot. Thanks for your comments

Being prepared for the worst case scenario can actually save one from the unforseen.

You definitely right, developing self Empowerment is a gradual process and something that can happen over night but one need to first believe in oneself that it is achievable.

Exactly, thanks for dropping by man, it's a gradual process and iresspective of how long when we finally deem it obtainable then a lot can change for us.

Thank you for this response @josediccus, we really must know ourselves first if we are to be empowered. It is a journey we undertake and one we need to be committed to xxxx

You're welcome, its wonderful having to reflect on myself while answering this question. It was good to dig deep while answering this one.