What Do You Believe Is The Highest Form Of Self Love And Why Do You Believe So??

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Self love is achieving or actualising a different kind of positivity, likeness and acceptance to our being; what we are, how we are, the things that constitutes our essence and how're we're naturally made up. We live in a world where acceptance is a difficult thing.

Many people set out on different ventures to be different persons either because they've been mocked or rejected or felt they haven't fit in, into a particular segmentation.
The truth is, we're all born imperfect and this supposes to be a reason why we should be each other's round pegs in square holes in the human society. We're all diverse, created to be different and this diversity is why variety is the spice of life.

Nevertheless we, ourselves, individually have compartmentalised this varieties into an unacceptable variable. Many people suffers pain due to rejection and because of this they find themselves unworthy, they deem themselves broken or not too good this creates a particular kind of inferiority which is definitive, it makes them loathe who they are.

It takes many people all their life time do accept who they are simply because they spend a lot of time in their lives looking for who to validate them. It feels good to be seen in an acceptable and valuable light by someone, if feels good to have people talk about our physicality, our outward appearance and how we can make become the next breakout model, but then a lot of people aren't this...

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They don't control how they look, they didn't have the choice to pick the perfect bodies to be born into. The perfect family to be born into. Hell! They didn't choose their lives to be rocked by illnesses. The essence of self love in the first place is to find a reason to accept and find beauty in who we are, this completely comes because of external rejection. The reason why the concept of first love came into conceptualisation is because of rejection.

This is why I feel that the highest form of self love is finding the beauty and the gem inside ourselves anytime we go through disappointments due to people deciding to break their affinity for us because they have found out we're flawed and shouldn't be with us.

When you have gotten to a stage where the disappointments that comes with rejection no longer makes you hit the bar, go drinking, do drugs, contemplate suicide or totally hate yourself, then you have hit the highest form of self love. People go through rejection and this hurts more than anything. Truth is, we're humans and the urge to hurt is a human emotion which most people can never control. When we find a way to stop hurting because people say s "no" to us, that is hitting or attaining the highest form of self love.

No one is numb, to attain a numbness to the negative external assertions about us that is self love. In a world where we can't find healing due to how painful it feels to be reminded of things about us that we do not want to find out. When we still hate some part of what we unconsciously are then we haven't attained any form of self love.

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The highest form of self love is being totally conformed with what we are. Finding peace and tranquility and moving on with life and no dwelling in the rabbit hole of regret. We cannot force people to feel the way we want towards us, a lot of people will hold diverse opinion about us, they will use these opinion to create a personality about us in their mind; everyone we meet, know has an assertion towards us.

opting not to take into consideration the diverse opinion people hold about us but to elevate our stance above every other assertions is self love.

It means that we have shut off our inner listening senses to take people's rejection, taunts, jeers and pity into consideration. This is totally difficult and somewhat unobtainable for many, but it requires deadning our emotions to some sensors in our lives.

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So true @josediccus, to see the beauty in oneself and accepting who we are and where we have come from. thank you for this wonderful response xxx

Thank you for this beautiful weekly questions. It was very awesome having to answer it from a personal point of view. Looking forward to seeing next week's questions

Wise words. I used my latest confrontation ( that actually happened today ) as food for a little story ( my latest blog post ). Interesting enough, this person left me a message, talking about 'self love'. I am working hard to love myself more, it seems like she still has a long way to go but I wish her all the best.

I am getting better and better in acting instead of reacting but even at the age of 39 I still have a lot of daily work to do. Sometimes I feel leveling up is what life is all about.

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