Do you think NEGATIVITY serves a purpose?

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We can not depend on others to give us the road-map to our inner-world. If we don't discover these answers for ourselves we will not EARN wisdom. There is no short-cut to self-actualization, but the ego-driven person can simulate the experience. This perennial trap keeps individuals in a one-season world in which nothing grows or dies but just exist in a state of fragile vanity.

To embrace life is to learn the principle of complimenting elements, the Yoga of Life. The marriage of opposites in the natural world clues into a deeper wisdom that is self-evident. Everything in this natural world exist for a purpose, and we need to discover what that means to the Self.

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There is a difference between being negative and being a pragmatic realist. There is a way to know what is going on in the world and also put your actions in alignment with Natural Law and your faith in The Creator. Negativity on the other hand will beget more negativity, so to find that balance between knowing that we are being taken over by the globalist new world order agenda and deciding that I am going to raise my consciousness to where I stand up for Principle with God, and remain in His realm - and not engage in negativity is my life's work. A great way to get rid of negative thought processes that are embedded is with this exercise:

I read the source you linked in your comment, and I like to add a few points to this conversation. Personally, I don't speak of god using human language because that to me is an affront to the inerrant infallible. However, I am glad that you find understanding in the path of Natural Law & god. I hope your work continues to grow and challenge you as you continue to spread the good word.

The Seven Mental Diet slightly reminds me of Robert Anton Wilson's "maybe-logic" in that it offers a way to dispel negative/extreme thoughts. It also reminded me of a challenge I did sometime I ago in my youth. I practiced not speaking a word to anyone or to myself for as long as I could. That to me is equivalent to fasting from negative thought patterns for at least a week. My first trial to abstain from human language was my unconventional way of reaching the same goal.

There is a point in my previous post which I did not fully clarify. Negative emotional complexes can be positively assimilated by embracing them instead of fighting or banishing them. I like to point to you this quote from the ebook you link:

If you are sulky, or surly, or
cynical, or depressed, or superior, or frightened half out of your wits,
your life cannot possibly be worth living.

I agree with the general sentiment and conclusion of this ebook, moreover I think I essentially believe the same. However, my approach to dispel these negative emotional complexes is to befriend them through actively investigating the source of the suffering. My work (my latest article on taking shortcuts to enlightenment) centers on dispelling the myth of fear/authority through the lens of the personal tyranny & psychic violence we consent to on a daily basis. This quote sticks out to me:

The answer is, that such things (negative experiences or
conditions) will not affect your diet provided that you do
not accept them, by fearing them, by believing them, by
being indignant or sad about them, or by giving them any
power at all.

I experienced so much trauma in my life that at an early age I began to disassociate through epileptic absent seizures. I tried in earnest some of the methods offered by "love & light" community, but ultimately it did not endow me with authentic wisdom; it kept me afraid of my own Shadow-self. I don't think my unconventional path is for everyone, or even universal, all I can say is that this existential self-work.

On your point in keeping a balance between knowing the bad news and raising your awareness...I think that negative emotional complexes are an ancestral outgrowth of cataclysmic events in our unconscious human history. These phantoms of the past make themselves known in the present. The crowd is in a way lusting after oblivion and the globalists are happy to help us make that a reality. Please read this insightful article to know more: Children of Thanatos
Fortunately, our paths are not opposed to each other but just part of the many roads that lead to the truth.

@dungeonmaster93 - I love you in this video - your authentic message. I have to admit last night when I commented I had not watched the video because I could not do so, because of my living situation and what time it was when I was online- now I am watching your video, I can't wait to read and watch more of you have to say. I too came from a violent early life and I have had to do a lot of spiritual work to become a rather even-keeled, level-headed person. I have done the 7-day mental diet because I was addicted to negative thought. I did it in conjunction with other Shadow Work that I do regularly, to clean out the daily debris from collected ego ideas that block me from what I call God, but which is not a religious idea - but rather and experience of Truth in Nature - and miraculous demonstrations of help from the Unseen world that I receive throughout the day, when I ask for it. I agree that self-esteem is gleaned as a result of esteemable actions. The trauma that I underwent as a kid has been the fodder that I continue to use to grow spiritually. I totally agree with you regarding the New Age Bullshit self-esteem idea and the egoic pursuit of branding I see in others. I have not too many friends really because I am an authentic critical thinker, an artist, not good at "marketing" - I observe Nature giving herself away for free in love with creation and that's what I do pretty much too... I can't live in that fake world where I just get on board with others agenda or whatever ... I can't wait to learn what you did and do spiritually - and I look forward to being friends on hive .... Many blessings to you!