How often do you drink water??

Actually water is basically one of the available cheapest resources around us,many do neglect taking enough water everyday while some wait till they are thirsty before they could drink water,but this is absolutely so wrong.

I used be like that before but now am grateful for the improvement, growing up I couldn't take water before or immediately after a meal,it would always upset my stomach,so I had to wait for some minutes after meal before taking water,it actually made me get so used to not taking water regularly,my system was accustomed to that,not until that yoke was broken 3 years ago.

So I try as much as possible to take water when I can.

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Water is very healthy for our normal living,about 40-60 % of our body weight consists of water,we loose water when we breathe,sweat,urinate,defecate so there is need to take enough water to replace all that is lost.

The same way that a driver doesn't wait for his fuel to completely finish before he refills is the same that we shouldn't only take water when we are thirsty.

If you really have that as a problem,then consider setting a goal for drinking water,have intervals at which you would be taking water,i think I have once come across an App that alarms it's owner on when to drink water,figure out how to make it part of you.

The color of your urine actually say alot about how well you have been taking water,the clearer it is,the better for you.

You can also take lots of fruits and vegetables daily especially ones with high water content like watermelon to increase you water intake.

Sometimes the weather affects our water intake that is why you find yourself drinking more water during the dry hot season and less during the cold rainy seasons,which ever way, always balance with either conditions to take the adequate water necessary for proper functioning of the body.

There are times that when I have a headache,I drink lots of water and sleep,by the time am awake,it's gone.

The usefulness of taking adequate water everyday cannot be over-emphasized!

Make it habit and watch your health improve...thanks for reading,free feel to drop helpful comments or testimonies

Thanks to @abundance.tribe for an opportunity to share about natural resources.