Sharing the Abundance GIVEAWAY: Week 8 - Win a Pair of Ancient Ammonite Fossils- ::Entry Post:: & Week 7's Winner

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Easily enter to win this pair of Ammonite fossils from Madagascar! These are two of the many items I acquired at the 2020 World Gem Show in Quartzsite & Tucson, Arizona USA.

This Week's Prize (Bismuth & Petrified Wood Not Included):

Ammonites are an ancient marine fossil found in many parts of the world that used to be oceans (usually present day deserts). The segmented spirals inside the halved nodules exemplifies a natural depiction of the Fibonacci Sequence - a specific set of numbers found all throughout science and nature alike.

These particular ammonites were unearthed in Madagascar, are between 240-270 million years old, and are comprised mostly of agate and quartz.

Ammonite is a third eye chakra Earth healing stone, with a centered and circular energy. I feel gravity's pull with this fossil type.

"Ammonite’s name is said to originate from the Egyptian god Amun (also spelled Ammon or Amen) as it represented his spiraling horn and is also derived from the Greek word for “horn”. It was known as one of the most holy stones in ancient Greece as well due to its ability to bring about prophetic dreams. The Blackfoot Tribe of North America referred to Ammonite as “Buffalo Stone” and used it as protection from negative spirits. These fossils were also used for protection during the Middle Ages as they were thought to be dragon heads that would protect from magic when fastened to the left arm.
As an ancient fossil, Ammonite holds the ancient knowledge of Earth within it. Gazing into its spirals can take one even beyond the origins of the Earth and into the structure of the Universe itself. Ammonite’s shape resembles the number 9 and carries the vibrations of this number within it. It is a stone of completion that represents all things in creation (and in life) coming full circle. These fossils promote structure and offer great clarity, especially in the realm of one’s life path. They are karmic cleansers that guide one into alignment with their individual life path and provide insight on one’s importance in the big picture of the universe" (source).

There is also much more to Ammonite than what I describe here.

Click Here for a More Comprehensive Description of the Metaphysics, Physical, Health, and Mental Qualities for Ammonite

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Prize shipments will be sent at the end of each month (every 4 contests). This is to save resources by avoiding many trips to the post office.

Week 7's Prize - A Flashy Labradorite Cabochon with Secret Surprise Crystal

Week 7's Randomly Selected Winner is:


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Thank you to everyone for being involved in our community, no matter how small of a way, or short of a time. We appreciate all the honorable and Earth conscious humans that bring light to this world, and love to this platform. This is our way of giving back, and saying thank you.

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1st Ever #STAG prize won by @In2itiveArt

Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, respect, & honor - @ELAmental



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@abundance.tribe, Today i am grateful for Irritation Sound which is coming from our Neighbourhood because in a way it's teaching me to be patient and i am learning to control the Irritation Levels.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed always team.

I am grateful for the abundant stream of people who want my artwork...YES!!!

Wow, I'm too intrigued by these ancient ammonites that I must enter. I love how you share all these gemstones and spread those (probably) around the world. This is one set that (imo) is one that's extra special and I'm grateful for learning something every time I'm present here at the platform. Often the knowledge comes from abundance tribe/naturalmedicine/ecotrain members and I'm truly feeling blessed to be able to connect to all these members. Thank you! <3

This sure made my day! Thank-you so much for your generosity and sharing the abundance!
I will do a box opening video when I receive my lovely prize! Thanks again!

The life becomes more beautiful with the people sharing & caring!

I thank all that person who makes this world better! @pakoca8