Sharing the Abundance GIVEAWAY: Week 7 - Win a Beautiful Labradorite Cabochon with Another Surprise Crystal - ::Entry Post:: & Week 6's Winner

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Easily enter to win a stunningly flashy Labradorite Cabochon from Morocco AND an additional crystal that will remain secret until the winner recieves it! These are two of the many items I acquired at the 2020 World Gem Show in Quartzsite & Tucson, Arizona USA.

This Week's Prize: - Look at that FLASH!!

The Tale of the "Lab-Cabs"

Legend has it that when you gift a piece of Labradorite to another human then you are guaranteed to see them again in the next life. Labradorite is most commonly cut into cabochons or "cabs" to be fashioned into jewelry, or used in metaphysical practices as palm and meditation stones.


The wisely wealthy also sometimes have this beautiful stone crafted into counter-tops, sinks, and bathtubs.

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There is also much more to Labradorite than what I describe here. Known as The Dragon’s Heart Stone - it is regaurded as a top stone for healing and protection.


Click Here for a More Comprehensive Description of the Metaphysics for Labradorite

OR Click Here for more of a mythical-story version

Video of the Flash in This Week's Prize:

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This is the simplest contest to enter. All that's required is a few button clicks & key strokes.


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The winner will be selected randomly via digital number generator, so what you say you are grateful for in the comments has zero bearing on who wins - but a comment of gratitude is required none the less. Each previous week's winner is announced in the following new giveaway entry post (no account can win two weeks in a row).

All U.S. based prize deliveries ships for free in this contest.

If you are outside the United States and are selected as a winner, you will have to pay for international shipping (usually not more than $10 USD) to receive your prize. It is also your responsibility to know whether the item can actually be shipped to your country based on covid-19 regulations in your area.

Prize shipments will be sent at the end of each month (every 4 contests). This is to save resources by avoiding many trips to the post office.

Week 6's Prize - A Pair of Brazilian Black Quartz Points

Week 6's Randomly Selected Winner is:



Please contact me via Discord to claim your prize & arrange shipping.

Please also let me know if you publish a post about receiving your prize so we may share it!


This is a weekly reoccurring contest!

We host these giveaways each Thursday (& somtimes Saturdays) on @Abundance.Tribe. It is our mission as a community to share the abundance that we so graciously receive ourselves.

There will be a new prize each week, many of which will be precious gems I acquired at the 2020 World Gem Show.

Thank you to everyone for being involved in our community, no matter how small of a way, or short of a time. We appreciate all the honorable and Earth conscious humans that bring light to this world, and love to this platform. This is our way of giving back, and saying thank you.

Remember, even if you do not win this week, you have an equal chance to win a prize every week (unless you just won one). With the ease of entry in this giveaway, there is no reason not to throw your ticket in the hat. All we ask in return is that you do your best to live up to the example set here, and share the abundance with those who deserve it in your own lives. Please help us spread these words of wisdom to many ears and eyes - for humanity, for hive, and for our right to thrive.

1st Ever #STAG prize won by @In2itiveArt

Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, respect, & honor - @ELAmental



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I'm feeling very grateful these days for having three generations coming together to live on our land making for such possibilities for growth and being more self reliant - something I feel is quite important in these times of uncertainty.

Each generation has it's own unique gifts to offer with the youngest generation, their youth and vitality plus freshness to be able to see the world through the eyes of a child and their sense of wonderment!

The next generation has the maturity and physical strength to be able to construct and develop the land.

Where ourselves, as the older generation can share some of our wisdom, knowledge and stories garnered through the decades.

There will be strength in this coming together and stronger family units!