Sharing the Abundance GIVEAWAY: Week 6 - Win 2 Brazilian Black Quartz Points - ::Entry Post:: & Week 5's Winner

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Easily enter to win 2 Brazilian Black Quartz Points! This is one of the many items I acquired at the 2020 World Gem Show in Quartzsite & Tucson, Arizona USA.

This Week's Prize:

Personal Metaphysical Experiences

Smokey Quartz generally has a very well rounded energy. It inspires and uplifts while also grounding your spirit. It sparks and nourishes creativity and can do wonders for helping you remain solid to your goals, ambitions, and enforcing your boundaries. It is personally one of my favorite stones for energy work. I keep a HUGE smokey cluster on my desk where I author and record music.


Brazilian Black Quartz is all these things focused more precisely. It has an amplified energy compared to regular smokey quartz, and certainly hold it's own bit of mystery within it's deep black hue. It seems to hold a lower temperature on its own as touching it to my skin cools it down. Holding one of these points in my palm increases my vitality while placing one over my third eye can spur instantaneous energy restoration and short length meditation.


All quartz is thought to hold etheric information birthed from Gaia that we may someday figure out how to decipher and extract with scientific technology. Quartz can be used to store power and information in modern technology as well, which is why quartz is used when manufacturing watches and microchips. Charge it in the sun if it feels low.


Click Here for a More Comprehensive Description of the Metaphysics for Smokey Quartz

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This is the simplest contest to enter. All that's required is a few button clicks & key strokes.


1. Follow @Abundance.Tribe

2. Share this giveaway entry post to your blog

3. Comment below with something (or someone) you are grateful for



The winner will be selected randomly via digital number generator, so what you say you are grateful for in the comments has zero bearing on who wins - but a comment of gratitude is required none the less. Each previous week's winner is announced in the following new giveaway entry post (no account can win two weeks in a row).

All U.S. based prize deliveries ships for free in this contest.

If you are outside the United States and are selected as a winner, you will have to pay for international shipping (usually not more than $10 USD) to receive your prize. It is also your responsibility to know whether the item can actually be shipped to your country based on covid-19 regulations in your area.

Prize shipments will be sent at the end of each month (every 4 contests). This is to save resources by avoiding many trips to the post office.

Week 5's Prize - 1 Ancient Septarian Nodule Fossil

Week 5's Randomly Selected Winner is:



Please contact me via Discord to claim your prize & arrange shipping.


This is a weekly reoccurring contest!

We host these giveaways each Thursday (& somtimes Saturdays) on @Abundance.Tribe. It is our mission as a community to share the abundance that we so graciously receive ourselves.

There will be a new prize each week, many of which will be precious gems I acquired at the 2020 World Gem Show.

Thank you to everyone for being involved in our community, no matter how small of a way, or short of a time. We appreciate all the honorable and Earth conscious humans that bring light to this world, and love to this platform. This is our way of giving back, and saying thank you.

Remember, even if you do not win this week, you have an equal chance to win a prize every week (unless you just won one). With the ease of entry in this giveaway, there is no reason not to throw your ticket in the hat. All we ask in return is that you do your best to live up to the example set here, and share the abundance with those who deserve it in your own lives. Please help us spread these words of wisdom to many ears and eyes - for humanity, for hive, and for our right to thrive.

1st Ever #STAG prize won by @In2itiveArt

Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, respect, & honor - @ELAmental



If you would like to publish a post to help spread the word about this contest, please use #abundancetribe & our new #STAG tag (I love saying that) - which stands for Sharing the Abundance Giveaway.

I am also open to prize donations from anyone including but not limited to members of #abundancetribe. I am pretty well stocked at the moment however, so no rush. Donating creative promotional items for your projects that hold value would be a great way to spread the abundance/love and promote your project(s) at the same time.

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Gorgeous one 💚

Thank you!

So cool of you to do this. Beautiful pieces. I'll decline entry though as I don't want to ship things unneccesarily across the other side of the world!

Glad you like them, and thank you for supporting this contest! LMK if you change your mind about entering.

I'm grateful for everything right now in my life. My family, my friends, my colleagues. I feel that I'm in the right circle. I'm grateful for their presence, it's what matters the most for me now.

Hold that close to your heart as you move through life. Its a precious thing.

@abundance.tribe, Today i am Grateful for pleasant weather which inspired me to enjoy Mindful Nature Time.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed always team.

really cool idea! :)

You won the last contest!! Please contact me on Discord to arrange shipping details.

oh damn - I didn't even see that lol! :D also didnt get a mention notification
whats ur discord name#number?^^

ELAmental 2433

I feel very grateful for my place in the forest and abundance around me. Especially during this pandemic with sheltering in place - I am happy to live peacefully in the forest growing my fresh produce and harvesting from the wild. I'm also grateful for the opportunity to share it with others and to have three generations living on the land! Our futures our looking bright and I hope others find some light in what can be trying times!
Thank-you for the generous offer of your quarts crystals - they are beautiful!