Words of the Week - Nativity, Blustery, Goodwill, and Ornaments (Video Included)

We shared some great words on @definitions this week. Our words of the week are:

  • Nativity
  • Blustery
  • Goodwill
  • Ornaments

Check out this video to practice listening and to hear how the words are pronounced with an American English accent.

Definitions and Example Sentences

Nativity (Noun) - The occasion of a person's birth

  • On December 25th, Christians celebrate the nativity of Jesus Christ.
  • The adopted child knew very little about his nativity or his birth parents.
  • BONUS - During this time of the year, many people host live performances about baby Jesus's nativity.

Blustery (Adjective) - Blowing in strong gusts

  • The blustery winds rattled the windows of the old house.
  • Always wear your big coat in the winter to protect you from the blustery winds.
  • BONUS - The hurricane produced blustery winds measured at over 100 miles per hour.

Goodwill (Noun) - Friendly or helpful attitude

  • The politician offered goodwill to all of the candidates she beat in the election.
  • During the holidays, people are reminded to offer goodwill and assistance to needy people.
  • BONUS - Goodwill is hard to give when you feel hurt or betrayed.

Ornaments (Noun) - Something used to make something more beautiful

  • Many people decorate their Christmas tree with ornaments.
  • The boutique owner sells many types of decorations and ornaments.
  • BONUS - My favorite ornament is the one made by my daughter.


Write the words of the week in one or more sentences. I will stop by to give you feedback on the sentences you write.

Thanks for stopping by!



sentence: This is the nativity scene we made for Christmas 2020

@stefano.massari -Thanks for sharing a picture of the nativity scene you made this year. It looks beautiful.

Hi Nate, Is the verb "made" correct in this case?

It depends. "Made" in this case means that you created or built the nativity scene. If that is not what you meant to say, then it is better to use "set up." "Set up" means that you bought the nativity scene that someone else made, but you are the person who decided where each piece would be placed.

Thanks for reply!!! I like your profile. I follow you

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