Words of the Week - Abasement, Cower, Nullify, and Labyrinth (Video Included)

We shared some great words on @definitions this week. Our words of the week are:

  • Symbiosis
  • Enhance
  • Credible
  • Talisman

Check out this video to practice listening and to hear how the words are pronounced with an American English accent.

Definitions and Example Sentences

Symbiosis (Noun) - A mutually beneficial relationship between two organisms, people, or group

  • The symbiosis between the old man and young woman was unique. He needed her youth. She needed his wisdom.
  • If more countries engaged in symbiosis, there might be less war.

Enhance (Verb) - To improve or make better

  • We should always be looking for new ways to enhance our existing products.
  • The team worked to enhance their workflows so that they could be more efficient.

Credible (Adjective) - Believable

  • Although the criminal appeared credible, investigators proved that he had lied.
  • Actors practice their craft because they want to appear credible on stage.

Talisman (Noun) - A lucky charm

  • The medicine man sold talismans that were supposed to keep people healthy.
  • Mark is superstitious. He carries around a rabbit foot as a talisman.


Write the words of the week in one or more sentences. I will stop by to give you feedback on the sentences you write.

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