Words of the Week - Abasement, Cower, Nullify, and Labyrinth (Video Included)

We shared some great words on @definitions this week. Our words of the week are:

  • Abasement
  • Cower
  • Nullify
  • Labyrinth

Check out this video to practice listening and to hear how the words are pronounced with an American English accent.

Definitions and Example Sentences

Abasement (Noun) - Humiliation

  • The entire village experienced abasement because of the dishonorable acts of one of its tribe members.
  • The professor was not considerate of the students' feelings. He believed their debasement was well deserved.

Cower (Verb) - Pull back in fear; Shrink away from

  • After the first punch, the boxer cowered in his corner of the ring.
  • Brave men might still be afraid, but they do not run away from or cower from the enemy.

Nullify (Verb) - To counter or make unimportant

  • The defense lawyer nullified the prosecutor's point with a great legal argument.
  • The couple nullified their marriage because they were having intimate relationships with other people.

Labyrinth (Noun) - Maze

  • The dense forest was a labyrinth of twisted branches and leaves.
  • The game show contestant had to complete the labyrinth in under two minutes to receive the prize money.


Write the words of the week in one or more sentences. I will stop by to give you feedback on the sentences you write.

Thanks for stopping by!



Abasement and debasement seem to be the kind of words that make people sound like they know what they're talking about XD

up to the point where they use it incorrectly in front of me and I look at them like o_O

Since I've already forgotten how to use those words, I might try for the look. 😅


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Words are interesting tools. They can help make you look smart if you use them wisely. They can make you look stupid if you use them incorrectly. And they can make you look arrogant if you use them to proudly.

I still make mistakes, even as a native english speaker. I would encourage everyone to increase their vocabulary, but also understand the correct time and place to use new words. Context is important.

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