Idiom of the Week - What Does Late Bloomer Mean? (English Idiom)

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In this post, we will talk about the English idiom late bloomer. I will example the definition of late boomer and provide some example sentences.

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What Does Late Bloomer Mean?

Late Bloomer (noun) - someone who develops slower than their peers

a peer is someone who is similar to someone else in regards to age, status, background, etc.

Cambridge Dictionary defines late bloomer as "someone who becomes good at something after people usually become good at it."

Although commonly used to talk about delayed physical development, late bloomer can also be used to describe delayed emotional, social, and/or mental development.

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Late Bloomer Example Sentences

  1. Sam was not able to kick a ball until his was five years old. He overcame being a late bloomer to become the captain of his high school soccer team.
  2. Growing up, everyone picked on Tabitha because she was a late bloomer. Everyone is amazed at the strong, beautiful woman she has become.
  3. Children learn to read at different rates. Some children excel early, while others are late bloomers. But in the end, most children are able to read at their appropriate grade level.

What Is An Idiom?

An idiom is a common phrase (or group of words) that has a special meaning that cannot be determined by the meaning of the individual words.

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