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in this video, i am going to answer of second question that was asked by my respected brother @ospro .

Before starting answering of the given question by @ospro , again I'm sincerely thank to @theycallmedan for this great initiative, and @ospro for asking me the question.

Question #2 : what kind of post should be made on this platform. ?

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Questions video Tittle : My 3 Question to @yousafharoonkhan with #CommunityAMA Initiative


my dear brother, i will suggest you that you should write every type of content for hive blog. if you have special skills in any field then focus on it in your post to hive .if you are good in singing, then come with singing, if you can make good video, then share your video with us.in which area you have great skills try to write post about those subject.

if you think you have no any special skills then best option is that you write every kind of post. share your life experience, share your daily routine work with us. share your culture with us. so we all have daily activities and try to write about your daily actives to your hive blog. you can share your area culture with hive community. then your hive blog will be one of the best blog. one things have in mind, never get stress in your work. always try to write with easy mode, never think you are not writing good , always think that you are writing good post. always trust on your self. there is no one like you. you are unique and your blog will be unique. never think that your post is getting reward or not , always think you are writing for your hive blog. people will visit your blog and they will say i am reading post on @ospro . dear respected brother always try to play like all rounder player that we see in cricket game, you know , there are all rounder player in cricket game, one player can play bowl best and he will be also one of the best batsman, and also fielder. so my dear friend, you are going to be one of the best hive blogger creator, you will be and yes @ospro will be one of the best hive blogger, i believe, because you are very much humble and you give respect. so dear brother , your content is awesome, and i think you will get more reward in future so write about every things, ,never focus on one area, always try to write about every things, we have many topic, try to record video in your own native languge, that videos will attract your community to your @ospro hive blog. so you are one of the best hive blogger, i am seeing your future is very bright. InshahAllah you will be great hive blog and you are, and you are one of the best hive blogger. so thank you very much for giving me chance that i give answers of your question. inshahAllah i will try to give answer of your last question tomorrow in my tomorrow video.

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Thank you very much my dear brother. You have explained it to me very nicely. I understand it and I have enjoyed your video enough and I have had a lot of fun. So I hope you will give me more advice in the future and I like your suggestions today very much. I will apply it in my posts properly and I will finish my work and start working according to your advice soon. I have accepted you as my elder brother. So if I make a mistake, you must rule. And point out mistakes.
Love & respect from me 💖💖💖

most welcome