You fear some boogy-man virus and you are still chugging down Coca Cola? (Self Hep for Trolls #8)

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If you are worried about catching an illness, what works better? Stress and unhealthy habits + masks OR leveling up your health?

Here I share what I do to stay healthy, even in less than ideal situations.

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I don't know if it's ignorance or stupidity man. people are willing to give up their human rights and forcibly take away everyone else's, but they wont take responsibility for their own health. "my right to eat mcdonalds and sit on the couch all day everyday superceeds your right not to live under a fascist technocratic regime"

Freedom = Responsibity. Humanity chooses slavery so we can be children forever.

i think its depression and self hatred lol also the total disempowerment where people feel bad stuff just happens and they have no power to control it, even when they really know, logically like that can do a whole lot.

mmm, too true. we have been conditioned to feel helpless and look for our govt/corporate overlords to protect us. a vicious spiral of giving our power away.

Be the's all you can doooooo

Mostly upvoting because it's you and I have some idea of what you're going to be takling about and also the title made me laugh XD

I'm struggling with video where I am at the moment, internet is slow so have to let it buffer if it will buffer and I'm too impatient for that x_x

hahahahhahah :-D still sippin that cola are we?

.....buffahhhh meeeeee ooooooooo weeeeee

What cola where? I don't even like cola XD

I'm under the impression that you're trying to sound like modem screech there XD

I practice much of what you speak of and have had similar results which have been positive regarding my health. If we don't take responsibility for our health, what we consume and our thoughts I think it's a good recipe for trouble down the road.

I really believe that a majority of 70-80 year olds could be as active and healthy as the most active and healthy among them if they became more sensitive to their bodies sensations and experimented with their habits and diets a little.

We should avoid Stress , fear, and unhealthy habits . These are harmful to the living.

sure are!

Seriously speaking, l'm no longer interested in going to consistently check the body count that are attributed to this virus.

I have never been the type that can be easily swayed by what l hear or see but it was hard to avoid the whole Trend of the pandemic that came last year. The whole news about this pandemic kept me glued to the news and to many websites while searching for a symbol of hope that will make me to feel good.

After living like that for 4 months, l saw a chance to work online and learn about blogging and that was how, l got my rest of mind.

My point is that we just need to stay safe and look for ways to maintain our sanity even if the newscasters say that the world is falling apart.

My diet have pretty much been the same and l have also been treating any illness that knocks on my door. I wear my face mask and try to be physically and mentally fit all the time.

Hehehh... You keep saying that "this is not a medical advice" but, it seems exactly like it🤣🤣.
Well Done

:-) well you know, they will accuse you of acting like a medical authority to sue you or shut you down in some countries so you need to say stuff like this sometimes, i think?

Keeping your stress level down and productivity up sounds good to me! I feel like this year was a great chance to level up