My friend wanted to save me but could not save me

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This time there were only three people in our team, one of our team, our friend was handling the front with the enemies and me and a friend of mine came to him sitting in a sports car and the enemy was jumping very fast which was becoming more vicious. The one who had more pride on himself, I targeted him and he jumped straight up and came towards me to kill me. I shot him so much on the way that he did not know when the nose was out and when he died. After this, all three of our friends collapsed in one room but one of our friends got knocked out by the enemies. I revived him. After that the second friend was knocked out. Our third friend revived him, so please keep them in the realm. It was reduced. We had to get out from there. The enemy was about to run away from the car sitting in the car. I knocked him out but the other enemy knocked me out. My friend wanted to save me but could not save because the rays of the playzone increased too much. I went

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