But he came to know that we are keeping an eye on him

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UZI is a very good machine gun, if the enemy does not move from his place, then when the ball moves, then all the bullets have entered his body, this is what happened while I was looking for weapons. A uzi machine gun was found at one place and an enemy showed me a bit far away. Although this machine gun does not have scope but it is very good machine gun to kill the nearest enemy. Then a few minutes after the game play, a friend of mine and I were keeping an eye on the enemy in a small room and the enemy who was across the river but came to know that we are keeping an eye on him secretly there. We got out of dodging and came straight to us with its sport car and came to the airdrop robbery was a good player and both of us changed our location and when he came close to us, he blocked my location and he turned towards me. He died as soon as he entered inside the room. I also started firing at him. He did not know that my friend is also sitting behind him and my friend knocked him out and I killed him.

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