Financial Education: Naysayers Will Not Make You Rich

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The naysayers by definition prefer the status quo. They are the disbelievers of anything that is out there. They tend to look at things through the prism of what is tokday and how where things are going. These are the ones who tend to be the spreaders of FUD and promoting of an agenda. The oil industry and EVs are a prime example of this.

In this video I discuss how listening to the people, especially in a technological age, will not lead to wealth. Being able to take advantage of the opportunities presented requires moving about this noise that is doubting what is taking place.

The HODLers of Bitcoin are an example of this.

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That seem to be true

The “no intrinsic value” argument couldn’t even hold water when BTC was under a dollar.

Money that can’t be controlled by a single entity is the most intrinsically valuable characteristic an economy can have.

That is true. What is also overlooked is the fact that currency is backed by productivity. With Bitcoin, it is the energy and rigs that go into running the chain. That has a lot of value as evidenced by the bills that people have to pay.

Neither GPUs or energy is totally free.

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Agreed but most people outside this space wouldn't understand that, I think, at least not in any way that is meaningful to them, but a bank account that can't be seized is other thing altogether.

Yea most of the FUD has been crazy about everything that becomes a changing force. After all most of the existing companies do not really want much change and would prefer to make money without doing anything new.

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No their power was increased with the elimination of many small businesses. Yet that also opens up the door to more opportunity.

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