WTF? American Is Cancelling Hundreds Of Flights

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What is going on? American Airlines is cancelling hundreds of flights. In the last few days, it nixed over 500 flights with more to come. This is taking place even before the holiday flying seasin the US (4th of July).

In this video I discuss what is causing thing and the potential fallout. Here we see another potential headwind to the economic recovery.

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Its going to be a nightmare for everyone involved. I wonder how things will go now that we are entering the summer season and they kind of deserved it for removing employees.

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That is my thought. As I wrote above, I imagine they were offering retirement packages to as many as they could to cut payroll last Sept/Oct and now they suddenly realized they do not have enough personnel.

And you cant just hire 100 pilots in a week or two.

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Lol! This is disgusting. Maybe the main reason behind this is Covid-19

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Not likely. I think they cut too much and now dont have enough people, especially pilots. Probably too many took the retirement packages they were offered when the airline wanted to clear payroll last Fall.

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