What Is The Fed Up To?

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The Fed is in a self-imposed prison. They really are between a rock and a hard place. Right now, the Fed is doing all it can to keep interest rates down. This will be impossible if the infaltion argument is to be believed. However, since the current environment is a bit heated, they are opening the door to that possibility. Do not buy into it.

In this video I discuss how the Fed (nor any other of the major central banks) is going to be able to tighten. The deflationary pressures, which I will cover elsewhere, are simply too great. This is the ongoing basis.

Basically check back in 6 months and see how different the rhetoric will be.

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Well the fed has already been in trouble for a while. For the most part, I think what they are hinting is that inflation is transitory and will go away in the long run.

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