Financial Education: Nothing Happens In A Vacuum

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When it comes to investing and growing our financial wealth, it is importnat to remember that nohting happens in a vacuum. There are often other, larger things at play.

In this video I discuss how the work from home situation, while a very worthwhile topic, is a piece of something much bigger. There is a shift potentially occurring as we see generations starting to determine the future of the corporate environment and the makeup of our organizations.

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Work from home is definitely an issue people should be watching as both sides battle it out.

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Macro economics are so difficult to parse that many will get tunnel vision on a single topic while ignoring the big picture. My girlfriend is still working from home and really has no desire to return to the office. The next few years are going to be littered with big changes, despite the calls for a "return to normal".

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Certainly will be big changes coming down the road. We are not even sure how a lot of this is going to pan out.

What is fascinating is how the age factor plays into this. The Boomers seem to be, for the most part, the ones who want back into the office. The Millennials tends to take the reverse approach.

The Boomers will never has more power than they do today. Each day, their numbers get smaller both on the planet and in the workforce. As each one retires, a spot opens up for someone else who is younger to step in.

In 5 years, the Boomers will have a lot less power than they do now.

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