Financial Education: Are You Sane Enough To Handle The Markets

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The markets are a tremendous way to accumulate wealth. However, Crypto Twitter is showing right now that most should just sell and go away. It is time to get a second job or whatever. These people deal in absuridity and insanity. Strong words I know.

Reality is that markets go up, and they go down. This is unavoidable. Yet on Crypto Twitter we have a bunch of people who are depressed and upset that prices are dropping Seriously? Did they think their assets would just keep going up forever? Obviously this is either insanity or they were unprepared for the reality of markets.

In this video I discuss how anyone who wants to enter in wealth creation better get mentally, emotionally, and psychologically prepared for what markets do. If one is not willing to do that, he or she should just sell out. Having the movement of markets dictate one's emotional state is simply not healthy.

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Lol. Hey man, you might wanna unplug for a minute. You look like you’re on the verge of an aneurysm in this one. Breath man. Whiners gonna whine.

Yeah Twitter is not a safe place. LOL

Better than Facebook from what I hear since many say that is a total cesspool. But twitter is pretty freakish too.

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Yeah, man. I got off Facebook several years ago, around 2014 I think, and it was obvious to anyone paying attention where it was going then. I never really got into Twitter, even though I did kinda try a little, but not really. It all had such awesome potential, but we (humanity) didn't realize the kind of power it would have in the wrong hands... a.k.a. ours, lol.

I will back it up by saying that in business ones should be willing to take risk, because the risk you take determine how powerful you are in business.

I will also agree with you since all what they assume is high prices which should not be so, I think at this point, having liking for the markets should be our concern and hoping for the best to come. Thanks

Certainly we could extend this mindset to owning a business. The difference in viewpoint of an owner compared to an employee is enormous. Owners have to be able to weather bad times and periods of slowing sales.

Again, it all comes down to mindset. Those who approach it with understanding, will not be caught off guard when it happens. Sure we never know exactly when but we do know it will come. All businesses have times that sales disappoint. That is why they tend to have prudent reserves. This helps them get through the tough times.

In markets, we know down prices will come. How we handle it is up to us.

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That is so true

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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I would not mind some 2k BTC. Let me load up on the BTC if it does happen. I won't be complaining even if I am red on my investment since it looks like a great place to add to my position.

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I have a feeling you would not be the only one loading up at $2K.

Even $20K would likely be a good entry point long term.

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haha twitter is the worst

neither one of us would be on there without the pressure from hive

O.K. I watched your video, I like this one! haha