Google Cloud Being A Block Producer For EOS

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The evil empire is stepping into the decentralized blockchain world. Is this a good thing or not?

In this video I discuss how this is a double-edged sword and we need to be careful with what is taking place. That said, this will not be the last large company to enter the space.

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Wow, I would never have guessed that would happen, I got eos years ago as a hedge against my steem holdings, and I liked @dans values about being a libertarian.
Google gives me a reason to dump my eos even though it could get a big pump from this!

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Google's entry could push EOS on a sustained run. This could help EOS to much higher levels, at least in the short to medium term.

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I think I should keep holding and see how it pans out, thanks for keeping us up to date on things going on!

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I actually just purchased some more since seeing this. I agree it could go on a long term run.

I do find it ironic that when you spin up one of their cloud servers it specifically says no crypto mining and some other blah, blah, blah about crypto.

Ooo nice!

In yesterday's video you were ripping EOS for being a dud after all their initial fanfare haha ;)

I still think their cash and traditional business connections will bear fruit.

At the very least, the potential in this is exciting on such an overall dud day for crypto.

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Google Cloud as a block producer certainly is interesting.

I am not sure how that changes the development on EOS at this point. We will have to see.

Certainly, $4 billion (or whatever is left) can go a long way and offset a lot of missteps.

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I caught the move few seconds when it happened as I saw the spike in my cryptocurrency portfolio and EOS is one of them and the only one positive for the day. I have quite a history with EOS as I've participated to the launch of Mainnet in London, invested in them and waited to moon, didn't happen, liquidated everything and just about 1 month ago I invested 1k more in them. For some reason even if they didn't prove themselves, I've always got back to them - call me sentimentalist. Even so, a good move for the moment let's see if it will beat the current red see in the crypto and stocks and if it will have a brighter future.

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