Hive: So Much Going On I Can't Keep Up

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This is something a number of people have posted. The fact is that Hive is at a point now where it is impossible for one individual to stay on top of all that is taking place. This is a terrific point to reach.

In this video I discuss how Hive is like building a physical structure. We only a couple bricks are in place, it is impossible to see from 100 years away. However, if the masons keep building, eventually that structure can be seen from miles away.

We are like the stone masons, building the structure brick-by-brick.

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We're going in every direction!

Well spoken

I've been working on my project quite a bit.
Slow going but I'm getting excited about it.

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I've been working on my project quite a bit.

There are dozens of people like you putting stuff together. We are seeing a lot of things happening. That is how someone puts up a post announcing something that nobody knew was under development.

Eventually the lack of direction will become our greatest asset since there is no one thing we are specializing in.

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HIVE is fun to explore. It really does feel like exploration too.

Fun and being financially rewarded. Who can turn their back on that?

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This place is a cornucopia of low-hanging fruits. Everything is cheap with lots of potential but nothing is actually there yet. The worst part is there is only so much money to go around. Between klye's project(s), LBI's projects, Leo's projects, and then a plethora of tribes and dripcoins and miners, and oh, don't forget about just owning Hive or Leo or Cub outright, this place has a sink everywhere you turn.

I'm all in on LBI, have solid stakes in Leo and Hive, and a growing bag of Cub. Things are going to have to make some moves before I'm able to participate to any great degree in future projects. Hopefully owning pieces of the aforementioned will allow me to participate in lots of future opportunities without having to dig into my pockets. Otherwise, I'll just have to be happy with building things by the drip for a while.

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Ironically, 3 or 4 of those tokens could end up generating enormous amounts of wealth on here.

People seem to think they need thousands of tokens. They do not. Only a small handful will do, if they are the right ones of course.

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Hive is a great place, and hoping it will be recognized more in crypto world. There's a blockchain and crypto group here in the Philippines which recently featured Hive.

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There's a blockchain and crypto group here in the Philippines which recently featured Hive.

That is great. Hopefully it expands and brings a great deal of people on here. Hive is offering something that I do not really see across the crypto world, the ability for people to start being rewarded on a grand scale.

We need that message to get through to people.

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Some of what if being developed is bound to be successful, I just hope it gets the recognition and market interest that it deserves

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Law of averages says that.

It is just a matter of having the patience for the development to take place. In the meantime, we need to keep the level of engagement going so newer people who find this place are enticed to look deeper.

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Trying my best :)

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Can’t keep (it) up? you just need the little blue pill my friend.

Or a hot blond.

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I have been trying my best by following people but yes I can barely keep up with everything going on. Especially when there are games to play and not enough time to get everything done. I don't know what to do when the space gets larger in a few years.

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Yep. Even the areas of stuff we are involved in is expanding rapidly.

We are now to the point where there is more than any single person can follow. That is a positive.

It is up to the hivemind to share what they know.

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I've been doing my best to try but I have to say I hardly get any sleep and I'm freakin beat trying to keep on top of it all and make sure I get as close to first movers advantage as possible. I seriously feel like I spend ALL day here now either reading, curating, investing, writing or planning. Not that that's a bad thing :)

The SPK Network kind of is feeling like tribes from Hive-Engine but more advanced allowing for more than one block chain plus a full suite of other advancements that one's going to talk A LOT of time digging into and building up.

I have a feeling SPK is going to be huge. That is a worthwhile place to really get a grasp as to what is taking place. I believe any time spent learning that one is time well spent.

Things like that will keep popping it. We are a lot way from the days of do I buy Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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I just joined the Hive community a few days ago. And the thing I found, it is fun but not a waste of time like other apps, I learned a different kind of experience here and also I'm happy about being financially rewarded.

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The next scheduled Hive upgrade (hard fork) is easily the one I'm looking most forward to. If HBD finally gets tamed, it will be a big deal. Also I'm expecting engagement to pick back up on Hive proper which will be nice.

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