Cryptocurrency: The Year Ahead

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It is always an interesting time of the year. As a kid I was a big baseball fan and today is the end of the regular season. Since I am not a big fan of the other sports, Fall and Winter was never sports rich for me.

In this video I use this time of demarcation to look at the 6 and 12 months ahead with crypto and Hive. Here I provide some thoughts about what is taking place in crypto as well what could happen.

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Using a demarcation point might bring you clearness about the future, I usually do this in the beginning of a new year when I put myself some goals.
On the other side I like soccer and maybe a little bit from other sports, but beside enjoying the favorite team I like also betting on games. My strategy is to bet on low odds with great percentage of wining and with a recovery plan. This ensures me smaller, but steady income. One future thought on that is to use that income for HIVE investment.

Great way how sports and cryptocurrency intertwine.

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personally, i believe the next six month are going to amazing because there are a lot of dumb money moving around in the crypto sphere and if the good projects can get some of that it will good in the long run. One reason i am buying leo and investing time in the community

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