Age of Abundance: Removing Fear From The Control System

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We live in a monetary system. This is something that is known throughout the world. Unfortunately, because of this, it can be used against us. This is magnified by the fact that our present system is based upon scarcity.

In this video I discuss how cryptocurrency is changing this. However, to truly be effective, we need to change our mindset about it. For many who are involved in crypto, we still see a lot of the sam ebehavior springing from the same mindset. To truly generate the impact that is possible, we need to start changing our mindset with it.

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Nice said You are right, I strongly agree with you because anything that you do comes from the mind, "they is a saying that, as the mind think so it's does or behavior, therefore Changing our mindset first pertaining crypto currency and seeing it as an opportunist is what we should all focus on

I agree that the scarcity mindset needs to be replaced with an abundance mindset, or some other name which represents the idea that we need to take from others, so we can be fed and housed. We need to understand there is more then enough for all, if we share and crate a system where trust is in the code.

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we truly need to experience that abundance until we will start changing that mindset and I at least haven't really experienced anything that I would call abundance, I would rather call it opportunity in the making

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