Hive Is A Technology Based Cryptocurrency

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Asset and Technology Based Cryptocurrencies are two totally different animals. When looking at HIVE, this is a currency that fits into the later.

In this video I discuss how this puts Hive in a different category than, say, Bitcoin and how the timeline is much different.

Not all cryptocurrencies are the same.

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I actually disagree on Hive being unlikely to go to $2 based on speculation alone.

A price that high at the current level of development is extremely far from being justified by the fundamentals. However, a speculative top of $2 would seem rather disappointing at the end of the next cryptocurrency market bull cycle.

Also, HIVE is not primarily being bought for utility at this stage. If it were, much more of the coin than 170 million HIVE would be powered up as opposed to the 200 million liquid coins. The price is very much being controlled by the speculators at present.

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i am also thinking that hive will go to 2$ and it is possible thing. You can expect this by seeing it's last jump ad as well as your analysis is too good. Thanks for providing such information.