When They Want To FUD They Roll Out The Economists

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Do not listen to economisists. They are the epitome of echo chamber thinking. They all look at things like it is the 1970s, using models and theories that were designed decades before that.

In this video I discuss how it is best to ignore the likes of Summers or Roubini. Trust me when I tell you, crypto is way out of their realm of understanding. They cannot grasp the impact of the Internet and digitization which is now entering its 5th decade. The establihsment likes to promote these FUDsters because they think it adds validity yet they are wrong most of the time.

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Anyone who listens to those people are probably not the smartest. I have seen them flip-flop and they usually talk after the move has already happened.

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I am of the opinion that Economist are only good for telling you what just happened and useless in telling you what is going to happen.

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I feel the same way about technical analysis.

Krugman is the worst.

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