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The social media companies have opened Pandora's Box. There is no doubt their actions over the past couple weeks is turning a lot of people off. This does not bode well for them.

In this video I discuss how many of the freedom mindset are starting to tout the idea of a decentralized web. This was something that was discussed for decades but few paid attention. Now that the companies that gain their power through surveillance capitalism are acting in such an overt way, some of the people are starting to really awaken. This is the woke moment. There are many already starting to join the decentralized web movement.

In short, the social media companies might have hastened their own demise.

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Honestly, the censorship is real. However the road to decentralization was kind of already paved when they tried to destroy Alex Jones. I don't necessary agree with everything he says but he should definitely be able to talk (so long as it isn't criminal). Despite everything they did to deplatform him, he managed to show how to survive and get out of the system. I was already concerned about it with the entire cancel culture going on way before and most of these people have moved somewhere else. The forceful canceling of someone did not work and it only served (in my opinion) to polarize politics.

Honestly, I don't think the news networks or social media site will prosper without Trump. Not to be mean, but they were already starting to decline before he took office. I have a feeling they will keep talking about him but people will probably stop caring after a while.

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That is true, he was great for ratings. In fact, they should send him a thank you note, he made those companies a lot of money.

I do agree the mainstream media was heading down. Traditional cable television is dying. However, social media was strong. Yes Alex Jones did pave the way of sorts (I agree with you: I dont care much for him but I do support his right to say what he wants). However, for the masses that isnt likely to work.

Plus if Big Tech keeps at it, they can push most anything over. Their power is only growing by the day as we can see.

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I'm glad to hear that this might help decentralized media. I honestly don't see anything else good coming out of what is going on in the US.

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This is just the beginning. From now, a lot of servicies and platforms will be removed like Parler. Mass media and social will start to point out who is the bad guy.

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Well at least who they think is the bad guy.

There are usually two sides especially when it comes to politics. My bad guy might be your here.

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I'm the bad guy, you spotted me hahaha.
Yeah, this is just a modern witch hunt.

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With time, the likes of Facebook, twitter, amazon, Instagram and others will definitely lose traction to our Decentralized social media platforms. How can one operate on a media where there's no freedom of interaction. Once lots of people in the united states and all over the world gets to understand what decentralization really means and the dividend they'll possibly gain at no cost, they will definitely see no other reason than to leave those centralized platforms. The more people gets acquainted with decentralized social media blockchain, the more the strength of decentralization. Decentralization is the indeed, the best option to freedom from censorship.

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How can one operate on a media where there's no freedom of interaction.

What if one doesnt want that.

We know that people like to live in an echo-chamber. Most simply do not want to hear views that go counter to their beliefs. This means that the social media companies are catering to large numbers of people who could care less what others think. They feel they are wrong and intellectually inferior.

Of course, these people are still being used by the technology companies and some will find out what happens when they go astray.

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That's very true.

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I like the idea of a Triple D or 3D and it seems that this year is one of consolidation. The web3 is getting more traction and awareness, the development of Web3 browsers and others tools for this ecosystem are getting build and we will soon see a transition to it. Being able to hold the power and monetize what you bring to the table, will free us all.

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Web3 is a long term process but you are right, we can see some of the pieces falling into place. It is the time to start moving the ball even further along.

In the meantime, we need to protect things as much as we can.

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@taskmaster4450, Masses are facing the distasteful censorship, and this situation leading to "Mass Awakening". Stay blessed.

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Since I started being part of the blockchain world, that word (decentralization) has taken on an even stronger meaning for me.

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