What Is Holding Hive Back?

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There is a lot of discussion about what needs to be done for Hive to be recognized for what it is. We see a lot of ideas bantered about.

In this video I discuss what I think is a central premise to what is here as well as what will change this. We are still seeking the game changer. Then again, so is the entire industry.

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modular hivemind will open development on hive like we've never seen before. As long as the documentation is good.

I think that is going to be by the end of the year so we can get a good kickstart to 2022 with that.

I hope you are right about the modular hivemind really stimulating development.

That is what is needed.

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The paying masses will need an app that does not pay but is worth paying to use in some shape or form.

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That sums it up well.

Oh and by the way, it pays them as well.

The paying is a bonus.

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What does it do? Who is it for?

Witnesses clearly don't want to on boarding curating. They say they want to attract developers but they treat anyone from outside the circle of 10 with disrespect.

I'm not sure why one would buy it.

What Is Holding Hive Back?

The wrong attitude of its own users. Their selfishness and greed. The general lack of real, human comments. Many people are posting, but only a few are commenting, because most of the people are publish their own posts, and then waiting for the rewards without caring for and supporting other people's posts. The users should support each other, but most of the users do not really care about other people's posts. This platform is doomed by its own users.

You are exactly right... we need to have a "something" that is so attractive to the greater world that they will use it regardless of whether or not there are rewards.

There was a time when I hoped Splinterlands could become that... based on the fact that MTG has grown to 35 million users, but of course that has taken since 1993, and could still happen to Splinterlands as a viable digital alternative to MTG. Splinterlands (as an aside) remains the only way you can get into Hive (even if indirectly) with a credit/debit card. Something to think about...

NFTs? Yes, still too complicated. Becoming more mainstream though, by leaps and bounds... there was an interesting piece by @reddragonfly on that, earlier today. But as long as NFTs are centered on "art" we remain bound by the fact that the global ART market is a minor fraction of the overall economy.

Perhaps the most important thing to ask with new dApps and proposals is whether or not something will "stand alone" without rewards?


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All the wrong things started with the bad marketing on Steemit. Steemit advertised itself with the money earning opportunity, and not with the freedom of speech, censorship resistancy and other real values of the Steem blockchain. This attracted the selfish and greedy people. They purposfully, deliberately came (and being) here for the money.

The Hive blockchain needs a proper marketing with the real values of the Hive blockchain.

I listened and enjoyed the whole video. Could it be possible that we dont need to wait for the Holy Grail of dapps to come along. Consider Facebook, we have what they have. We have better than what they have. Perhaps we just need to let people know.

Coca Cola has good pop. GM makes good cars. But nobody would know it if they didnt each spend bazillions of dollars in advertising every single year.

Just a thought...

Keep up the good work!

Yes, I agree.

Just like I said in another comment. The Hive blockchain needs a proper marketing with the real values of the blockchain, and not with the money earning opportunity.
The marketing should not contain the money earning opportunity. That is attracting only the selfish and greedy people. We saw that with Steemit.

I am new to hive and have been one of those guilty for not interacting. I reflected on the reasons for this and I'd like to share my thoughts.
First, I thought the the what-you-see,-is-what-you-get interface is kinda old fashioned. The interface should be designed to facilitate or even force people to interact. Can 🥫 interaction be gamified?
Second, hive mentality is difficult to penetrate, as new user who does not know anyone in the platform, it is easy to be discouraged.

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Working on improving.

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Slow and steady

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The thing Hive has going for it most is that it DOES have a for the most part stable infrastructure and a fairly robust community. If the development does occur, there is a very willing and able base of people here who could support it and get the word out fairly quickly. But, as you say, that "killer dapp" hasn't been created yet here. That said, the low transaction costs, short transaction times, and scalability would seem to lend themselves to being a great platform to develop on. Leo is doing it. Khal is constantly developing and is even in the process of hiring more devs for Leo/Cub. Is there any way to leverage his success to appeal to bringing more developers here to Hive? It seems to me there is a thirsty community that would be willing to support them...

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Wen Project Blank? We need actual users and we need more people to see a use for RCs. I think there just aren't enough people who actually know about HIVE so most people tend to run towards the more well known places.

I think Splinterlands does a great job because there is so much cross-block chain interaction. You can pay with HIVE, HBD, BTC and a bunch of different tokens. I think they recently removed the email login approach for paying players because people were getting hacked. Now they are forced to get their keys.

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Thanks for sharing, twitter has to be used to boost audience on all aspects of hive. The immutability is a clear USP we have to show it. And blogging is not dead and niche it is just discouraged. They have to be incentivized to come to hive. A dapp for setting up your own immutable blog, that also posts to different tribes you want would be amazing. (Something like wix or sqaurespace.)
In general the UE has to get better to make it easier for new users. Also a clone for tiktok would be amazing completely uncensored it could look messy though :D

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You are one of the smartest on HIVE ! I agree, we haven't found it yet. And it is even a hard sell with "post content and get rewarded" narrative!

Many have ideas but can't code, many have ideas but because they can't code feel a proposal is not for them, many just want to earn.