Ethereum: Bitcoin Not The Only Game In Town

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Ethereum has been on quite a run lately. Even with Bitcoin pulling back, it is near all time highs. This is bringing out the forecasters who are putting up some wild numbers.

$5K? $10K? $28K? $50K?

In this video I discuss how it is great that the big players are now looking to get involved with Ethereum. It will further help the industry, removing Bitcoin as the "only game in town".

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I didn't realize that they were working on wrapped Hive. If that does happen, then some of that money being put in should help the price of HIVE. Looks like there are quite a few things to look forward to.

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Agree. I am tired of seeing Hive in the 0.11$-0.12$-0.13$ price range while other coins crush. We deserve a much better price.

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4k in the next month or two, I'll make a post about it :)

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Lot of information about yttrium I have learnt from your video. I am agree that another project can be part of the Bull market like Bitcoin. and in that case Etherium is one of the the next coming project to come into existence in the Bull market. the speculators issue you have a discussed or just want 10 x over any year are really true. your ethereum is in the spotlight