Cryptocurrency: A Technology That Is Going To Ride The Rest Of The Technological Wave

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Cryptocurrency is a done deal. I have stated that a few times. The reason for my certainty with this is because I look at cryptocurrency from the technological angle. All else, like CBDCs, are based upon the financial, not technological.

In this video I discuss how we are seeing great technological advancement. We are in the digital world, moving to virutal. Cryptocurrency is the only thing that can keep pace. The rest of the financial/monetary arena is lagging because it lacks this side to it. As we forge ahead over the next 10-25 years, cryptocurrency will be a technology that can join with others to provide the resources and growth needed to operate in an abundant environment.

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The time feature is interesting since it is similar to how the speak network is trying to reduce people from hosting videos forever. Though the limited time aspect for a token gives me the thoughts that it would be the government sending out paychecks but you have to spend it with X days.

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