Should Everyone Have Some Bitcoin On Their Balance Sheet

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Tesla purchased Bitcoin in January of this year, By the end of the quarter, their $1.5 billion purchase had grown to $2.6 billion. They had nearly $2.5 billion on their balance sheet at FMV as well as selling 10% for a $100M+ profit.

In this video I discuss whether every individual and company ought to follow this same model. Why should everyone hold some Bitcoin? Is this a prudent move?

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I agree with you that BTC is a good store of value. I do think the banks are going into the crypto space eventually. I think right now they are just waiting for those BTC ETFs and one of those large banks jump in to justify other corporation's reason to enter.

I really do wonder how many BTC has been lost forever but 4 million BTC lost due to keys and hard drive failures is a lot.

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Yes, especially taking into account/considering the fact that only 21 million Bitcoin can be mined in total.

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Honestly, I think crypto has always been about self-fulling prophecies... ie, if everyone believes the price of something is about to go up, they buy in and it goes up... if every company parks their spare cash into Bitcoin, then the liquidity increases (so they can access it quickly if needbe) and it'll be an appreciating asset (always good on the balance sheet). Unfortunately the opposite is also true, and companies who don't or won't react quickly enough might find themselves with an asset less valuable then they bought in if everyone else decides to exit.

Compared to just having cash sit on the sidelines in a bank account though, Bitcoin seems like an obvious winner. Fiat is undoubtedly a depreciating asset.

I would rather hold some BTC than watch my FIAT be printed into nothing.

The interesting is the fact that ten years ago almost no one wanted Bitcoin, making Bitcoin almost worthless, nowadays almost everyone wants some, but most of them cannot afford it, because it became more expensive even than gold.

Just wait until a company losses a lot of bitcoin due to some silly mistakes, that will make some waves :))

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I sold all my Bitcoins, and I had regrets. Might buy on the dip.

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Would you recommend putting your bitcoin in a btcb-bnb farm on cub defi to earn interest, or is it better to put in a cold storage for safe keeping?

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