Charlie Munger And Bitcoin: At It Again

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We are seeing these "fossils" back on their horses, ranting about Bitcoin. This shows a complete disconnect with what is going on. Sadly, we see a lot of people who do not grasp the technological concept of what is taking place today.

In this video I discuss how the path of the crypto-sphere is clear to be. This does not come from the financial perspective but, rather, the tie-in to technological trends.

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Well all the old investment guys tend to think something very similar.

I don't think anything has changed but yea I think options tend to be gambling. If it doesn't move enough, you lose. If it goes the wrong direction, you lose a ton of money. But if it moves fast and quick, then you make a ton of money.

As for call options, I don't think its bad if it incentivizes the corporation to do well. There is no point in exercising an option that doesn't hit the target.

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Yeah from the company perspective and as incentive to employees and officers.

But to investors they are just speculating on a price move, either up or down.

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Like I said in Leo market talk: it's in the name, he's a monger and today he is fear mongering, tomorrow he might monger something else, nobody cares either way :P

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Sadly him and Buffett garner a lot of attention and people do listen to them. Why? I have no idea but they are continually put forth, or at least their views are.

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I really don't get why he would come out at 97 years old and try and trash bitcoin. He's old, but i cant believe he's stupid. Maybe BTC is a bit of a threat to his wealth, or maybe not. Maybe btc is just so different, and he's actually upset that it's possible to use another system that he's not familiar with to generate wealth. Like crypto investors aren't playing by his rules so he's mad.

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The technology is certainly beyond him.

I didnt know he was 97 though. I thought 93 or so. Either way, when it comes to tech, he is out of date.

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Can we be real here. Every time I see them flip sh*t about bitcoin it reminds me how close they are to losing control lol

Well that partnership is a little long in the tooth so I dont know how much longer they will hang on.

But yeah, there is so much going on that we are seeing rapid progress which cannot be stopped.

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"fossils" :), fossils thriving on fiat bailouts...

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For hating Bitcoin he sure speaks of it frequently. I think he’s trying to compensate for missing the trade. The world he once knew no longer exists.

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