Resiliency And Crypto Economics

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A major problem with centralization is that it is not resilient. It offers too many opportunities for attack. We can see how entire economies can be toppled simply because they are centralized around a few particular segments.

In this video I discuss how crypto economies need decentralization to increase their resiliency. This is one area that can make these systems stronger than the present financial system.

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You're right, more people using and spreading a token makes it difficult to like attack it, rather than a small collection of people, Centralisation still somehow finds its way in blockchain and hopefully one day it can be totally different. A large number of people makes it difficult to be attacked

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Fortunately, @josediccus, if we take blockchain and cryptocurrency as a whole, we are seeing the decentralization taking place. While some chains might not be doing it, if we look at all the whales, they vary from chain-to-chain.

Same thing on Hive, we see more tokens forming and different distribution structures taking place. So while the HIVE distribution is relatively unchanged, we are seeing the start of new wealth systems forming where people are accumulating a lot of different tokens.

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Exactly, you got me in that "forming new wealth" while hive may accumulate more strength as the epicenter, basically these new projects will only increase usage and give it a chance to stay afloat when the boat is rocked. Hopefully we can see more "new wealth"

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It is a matter of getting involved with those things that show potential for a fantastic return.

We all want the 1,000X moves. I just wrote a post about that. However, even on Hive, there will be tokens that 10X. Owning a few of those will help to build our wealth nicely. Keep doing that over a few years and I think a person is in a much different position.

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to tell the truth my eth wallet has been hacked many times but I say that my fault for using a not safe site which allow my account to get hacked today's I don't think anyone is saved from hackers

well decentralization crypto and exchanging is a nice way to go we should learn from steemit

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Decentralization is much more sustainable than a centralized model. It is not only more resilient, but is much more adaptable to the dynamics of human behavior, needs, and wants.