Cryptomarkets Red: An Approach After Going Through A Few Bears

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When things get slow, that is the time to get busy.

This is something that the experienced people on Hive understand. Those who are building and developing are not put off by a decline in prices. They understand what is before them and simply operate in accordance to get where they desire to be.

In this video I discuss how that, when prices drop, activity slows. This is something we see each major pullback/bear. We also see, after things turn around, many people who disappeared suddenly reappearing. Of course, they mention how much time they missed and how it set them back. Unfortunately, it seems like they follow the same path on the ensuing price decline.

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It's almost certain that those people would return again once the bull makes a comeback -- complaining that they should have waited, or the likes.

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I prefer not to pay attention to crypto prices as much. Set and forget is the better thing to do. Just continue while not care about the prices.

I don't try to do it on the crypto markets as much because its open 24/7 and I don't want to pay attention to it while I sleep.

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Exactly. I was the in and out type early on but for the last few years the writing has been on the wall. Crypto is necessary and too far along to quash now. Any of the major coins are more or less adrenalized savings accounts for the next 5 years at least.

Once you've been here long enough, you begin to see the cycles play themselves out over time. Steady as she goes and stack, stack, stack. My issue is that I'm always flush (and buying) when the price is high and hurting when it's low. But my crypto-ship just keeps sailing along... :)

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Lol. Same here. Every height I think this is the time it won't stop until a single satoshi can buy a house so I always end up having to hodl the last I bought until the next spike.

Did the server certificate for domain expire? My antivirus keeps blocking the domain (thus the videos too) for this reason, that the certificate was revoked.

Sorry for the off-topic comment.

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Same here. I had to stop about halfway through and now I get an authenticity error.