Jack Dorset Claims The Future Of Twitter Is On Blockchain

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Jack Dorsey is a major Bitcoin maximilalist. He is now talking about the future of Twitter being tied to blockchain.

What does he mean by that?

In this video I discuss what Dorsey's options are and how I see this being a ruse. The fact is that he cannot give up control (or the profit stream that comes from it), thus his options are limited.

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I'm a huge fan of Jack and Twitter.

The problem is he can't decentralise Twitter!

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Twitter on blockchain I would have never imagined but it makes sense now that the idea has bring brought up. I still hope of an alternative to it or at least to empower users and let them be able to earn beside having everything go to the big company.

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While jack claim so, it demands some more value to get attention. I am agree with him. Though I don't use Twitter so much, but I have become a fan of Twitter last few days. So it's a great news for me that my beloved blockchain technology is supposed to be the future destination of my recent social media attraction: Twitter.

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I love as Jack is a big advocate of the blockchain but what he said sounds more futuristic. Decentralizing twitter would not work as much as he wants it. He knows this himself though. What we should do as a community is support projects with great products already. One of which is Changenow.