The Growing Opportunities On Hive

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A few years ago, there was not a lot of options on Hive. However, these days, there are dozens of ways to get rewarded. Also, once tokens are received, we see a lot of options which people can grow their holdings.

In this video I discuss how Hive is becoming a platform that can really help to generate wealth for people. There is a lot more going on that will only increase this in the future.

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There are even new tribes being created now so there are even more ways to generate a income. If you stake the tokens you earn, you can earn even more over time through curating content. I think CUB added another layer for people to earn money through HIVE and I am wondering how HSC can be used to generate even more.

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All true. The opportunities are growing each week.

CUB certainly added a new feature to the ecosystem even though it is on another chain.

HSC could really alter things completely. Imagine if it is even 1/10th as successful as BSC.

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Yea and I think it will definitely increase the price of HIVE because there will probably be some fees. But I wonder how HP and other factors play into the system. I think it was mentioned you have benefits for having a decent amount of HP but it may only be for witnesses.

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Love this expose on how things are growing and changing. I'm new to the chain and still on the early part of the learning curve. Dumb question, what is CUB and where can I learn more about it and how to work with it in conjunction to Hive? (probably should look into HSC also)

A bit hard to explain to others about the opportunities. Perhaps we're still in the early adopter stage, until far more people are on here.

And one thing that would really make a difference, from my perspective, is evergreen content. For a 7-day payout, we can hardly expect really high-quality content that will attract many of these early adopters. But if we have a payout period of indefinite length, then creators will put in the time to craft some top content that will draw people here.

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But if we have a payout period of indefinite length, then creators will put in the time to craft some top content that will draw people here.

That would be good, but that would probably need an entirely new blockchain with a reward pool with different approach. I am not a blockchain expert, far from even a simple programmer, but I think that the working method of the reward pool of the Hive blockchain cannot be altered, not even with a hardfork.

But maybe someone will correct me, if I am wrong on this.

See my reply to taskmaster above.

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I agree with your input, and havnt really thought about it, I was just happy with being able to earn for 7days, but my content isn't SUPER in depth.

Cant do that with proof of brain since the reward pool is based upon votes done in a certain period of time.

There are some projects that are starting to implement tipping which will allow people to continue to reward authors for their efforts.

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I imagine there are multiple ways to achieve an indefinite voting window for posts (with payouts still occurring every 7 days). We just have to think more about how to do it. Khal was talking about doing it. And there was one other frontend which relied on automatically making a new comment from the post author's account so that a vote on the post would actually be cast on that new comment, but on the frontend it shows like you upvoted the post and it pays out after 7 days (no matter how old the post is).

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Let's not forget that @howo is adding recurring payments in HF25. That's another way.

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It is crazy to think how things have changed so much and earning opportunities are everywhere now. In the past you used to calculate your Hive earnings and that was just it. Now you can add all the other tribes and at the end of the day depending on how well you are doing they can equal or if not make more than your daily Hive rewards. This means double growth and all of these faucets add up so quickly. Throw in CUB and who knows what you could be earning as it is now up to you on how you move forward. Choices that we never ever had before.

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The report that Leofinance would do showing how many authors made more money in LEO than they did in Hive really told the story. If a couple other tribes take off, they could end up doing the same thing.

People will not find the tribe tokens to be add on but viable money makers for them.

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How does tribes work? I am using Ecency.
If I use a tag/community of a tribe, will I earn their tokens?

Remember the old days of just HIVE and nothing else for earnings. Now you can earn on seriously 6+ tokens plus Hive and some are niched even better if you're into mostly here for music, movies, tv, science, finances and I'm sure a bunch more to come plus cool new ideas! Only just getting started. When you think about it tribes didn't really start picking up till just a few months ago.

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When you think about it tribes didn't really start picking up till just a few months ago.

I am not sure we can say they even picked up yet.

Yeah how far we came from the early days. It is amazing how quickly things are expanding. I will not be surprised to see hundreds of options tied to Hive by the end of the year.

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Thanks for the video Tman! I'm always really happy when you put a new one out!

They show up each day, twice a day.

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Another fantastic video. The growth of opportunities is crazy. I think one of the greatest developments is the cross chain interoperability to BSC. I think @actifit is going to have their token there, too.

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@actifit is going on BSC too.

It will be interesting to see what they are coming up with. But if they produce something interesting, it could really put that application on another level.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 51 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

It's amazing. I'm enjoying my life in the tribe of Hive. Also, thank you for creating a tribe like cinetv. I enjoy writing on cinetv. When you enjoy it, the benefits come naturally. I hope you all enjoy it.

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CineTV is a good example of a new community that suddenly starts distributing a token that is worth something. There aren't too many users on it, yet. A lot of people are into TV and movies. It makes sense to use the tag or use the interface when you make a post about something on those topics. Free tokens. Can't complain. That community certainly has growth potential. At this stage growth is key.

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till now i am not able to understand how the hive work

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I really like how BroFi works.

Delegate to BroFi => receive daily BRO dividend (mostly another form of dripping).

Hold BRO => receive daily drips of different tokens.

Delegate the tokens received in the drips to BroFi => increase your daily BRO dividend.

Higher BRO holdings => higher and more diverse daily drips of other tokens.

And that keeps going in a circular increasing passive income. They just need to be careful to keep the fund profitable, which I'm sure they are.

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You can already earn a lot of different coins through passive means. The goal for me is to earn the equivalent of rent passively :)

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hey man, how's it going? ... so you are still a hive believer then? i've been hanging around more since the price spike