On Red Days, It is Best To Look Long Term

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Markets go through periods of up and down. This gets people upset as well as nervous. However, at times like these it is best to expand our time horizon.

How does a $200 trillion global economy up from the present $90 trillion suit everyone?

In this video I discuss how technology, including advancements being made in cryptocurrency, is going to send things flying economically. While we might go through a down period, perhaps for a couple years, the technological breakthroughs will explode for much of this decade.

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Absolutely. It is time to buy and it has never been easier.

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I plan to buy, buy and buy more while red. Just bought a new house, so been pinching pennies for a while now, but it is time to invest in the future even more than what I am now. In fact, I just invested in more EOS and Hive.

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